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I am currently working for one of the big 4 firms studying for my Accountancy ACA qualification. The problem I have is I want to join as an officer now and leave my firm but would also like to finish my qualification. I am locked in to a 4 year training contract but can buy my way out.

Does anyone know of any instances where the army has maybe funded someone to leave their current firm and complete their qualification after Sandhurst.

I have my ACA interview in May and I will discuss this with her, however it would be good to hear of any examples or knowledge of these circumstances in the past so that the interview and my questions could be a bit more focused.

Cheers everyone
I am only replying because you have posted this so many times...yawn.

Right lets start at the top. if you have started your ACA course the army will not help fund it, so you need to either finish it or buy yourself off it.

Secondly, the Army's Managament Accountants are CIMA qualified and not ACA. I don't know if your ACA qual would be of any use.

You would have to join the AGC(SPS) and then apply to be a management Account however there is no guarantee that they would accept you as the shortlist for the very few MA jobs is very tight.

hope this helps.


As someone just about to start working for a Big 4 firm and also in the TA, I would strongly encourage you to finish your ACA. The ACA from a Big 4 firm is probably one of the strongest post-university quals. you can get. If you want to do some green stuff in your spare time get stuck in with the TA, and go Regs. post qualification. Just my two pence.

One question, how far into your training contract are you?



Thanks for the replies.

I know I posted this thread on three forums but that is because I did not know the exposure of an individual post.

I am about to begin my second stage of exams and have completed the first 6 knowledge stage, which were not easy and very stressful, so I am in my first year. Upon speaking to a number of officers it is clear that I would be pretty stupid to stop my ACA right now as I should exam qualify next November. I'm going through the process of Officer application at the moment and hope to get booked on Jan 2011.

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