Accountancy qualification through the army

I hope this is the right forum for my post.

I am currently working for one of the big 4 firms studying for my Accountancy ACA qualification. The problem I have is I want to join as an officer now and leave my firm but would also like to finish my qualification. I am locked in to a 4 year training contract but can buy my way out.

Does anyone know of any instances where the army has maybe funded someone to leave their current firm and complete their qualification after Sandhurst.

I have my ACA interview in May and I will discuss this with her, however it would be good to hear of any examples or knowledge of these circumstances in the past so that the interview and my questions could be a bit more focused.

Cheers everyone
Firthy556 said:
No need to post in the same thread over and over round the forum you tit.
Wind your neck in.

Although to the OP: you probably have over posted this question. If you want an immediate answer, maybe you should ask the online Recruiting Team?
I know I should have limited the amount of forums I posted the same question on, but they were the three that I thought would give me the most focused answers and I didn't know the exposure of individual posts.

I know the money is a lot better outside of the army but that is not what I'm looking for as a career even though I know that realistically now I have finished 10 out of 18 exams it may be stupid to not complete it but I have stuck it out till now thinking I will join the army in 4 years after the contract is complete but after a year that is no longer what I want to do.

Would it be possible to finish it attached to another regiment i.e. PWRR (who I am considering) or would the AGC instantly want me to move in to them as I am qualifying.

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