Accountability of Politicians

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. The House of Parliament have started to discuss a proposal to make MPs more accountable to their electorateby introducing a power of re-call (something I think all Paies were in favour of when they were asking for our votes last time round

    Linky to BBC coverage: BBC News - Recall plan for MPs 'deeply flawed'

    Surprise, surprise - the proposal is now being watered down to the level where an MP has to be sent to jail for up to a year, or a majority of his/her peers have to vote to allow the great un-washed have a petition to get rid!

    Why on earth would we trust fellow MPs to look after our interests, particularly when a senior shaddow minister is let off the hook for "forgetting to mention" that he took a 60K bung from the Unions?

    Link also: BBC News - MP Dromey apologises for breaching Commons rules

    Mods note - I have used BBC as an authorised and approved source, other unauthorised sources are available.
  2. Yep - so basically it's the same system we have already for impeachment, which has not been used since 1805 or something.
  3. This Dromey affair really is a fecking scandal.

    By the looks of it he has had a long and illustrious career of 'not noticing any wrongdoing' when it comes to the financial affairs of the organisations he has worked for.

    Jack Dromey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I wonder just how he came to be the MP for Birmingham Erdington? Merit? In the right place at the right time? Or nepotism?

    Trouble is this sort of behaviour is not the exclusive remit of Labour, all political parties are 'at it' as has been proved over many years by ex cabinet ministers popping in in very lucrative directorship positions in Companies awarded contracts from their former ministries.
  4. Right, I'm going to write to my MP and tell him that he needs to support a proper recall procedure based on a 10% of electorate petition, if he wants my support in the future.

    You can all do the same if you care: Search (Find Your MP) - UK Parliament
  5. Ahem:-

    That was for 2007, the election that never was. Unite wanted their million quid back if Jack didn't get a safe seat in the 2010 election.

    IIRC, more than 100 of the new intake of Labour MPs are former union officials, overwhelmingly from Unite. God help us when the next Labour government gets in. It'll be like the 1970s again.
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