According to Defence Secretary John Reid...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 11, 2005.

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  2. A drawdown is not the samething as a total pullout. It reflects the increasing ability of the security forces to maintain order.
    The US is not leaving the 4 Sunni provinces and will enable us to further concentrate on the denizens of that region.
  3. Dear Tomahawk!

    Probably you are right but it seems to me that you missed my main poin. My post was about politicians. If the information is correct then at least in one case respected mr.Reid was not too sincere.
  4. Troop reductions is a "sticky wicket". A politician canot come out and announce a troop withdrawal without emboldening the enemy.
  5. The enemy knows pretty well that later or sooner the troops will be withdrawn. As to terrorists then they dream about as long period of presence of the troops as possible.

    I think that the best solution is negotiations: truce in exchange for clear timetable of withdrawal (at least two years). Two years of peace could be used in the right way. At least USA could prove that the goal of American involvement in Iraq is not selfish but noble.
  6. This is what our loony 'Rezident' is alluding to, which completely escaped me yesterday. I'm only posting it because I'm too idle to follow links to news items.

    The story is here.
  7. Ah the yanks pulling back to "safe scure' areas from which they can do raids and the Brits shipping out to Ganistan, now where have I heard that before ?
    Hum half way to a US election and Aliburton should have overtaken Microsoft by then.
    Gorden will have bankrupted UK by then, sh1t now the Important question About us UK pensioners !
  9. KGB - I'd love to respond, but I have no idea what you just wrote! 'Loony' was a mild attempt at levity. I do apologise.
  10. There is no need for apologies. You definition is a very nice one. All mathematicians (as your obedient servan) are loony. So you used a right word.

    Our dear moderator PTP asked me to use 'quote marks' to experss irony. As you see previous phrases and next ones are written without them.

    Really I hold in high esteem MoDs personnel (there is no even a shade of irony there). I know how hard is their work. My uncle is former CO of Soviet of general staff.

    In my turn I express my sincere apologies.

  11. John Reid is a thoroughly unpleasant little man, who needs a good kicking.
  12. met him whilst on tour asked him a difficult question MOD press minder stepped in quickly before he could give me an unrehearsed answer. Tosser !
  13. Given the recent military co-operation agreement the Iraqi govt has signed with Iran I wonder how long it is before Iranian peacekeeping forces arrive ?