According to Brussels,England doesnt exist.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Aug 5, 2004.

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    According to Brussels,England doesnt exist,Scotland does,Wales Does,as do N.I and Eire but England doesnt,As you can see from above England is divided into nine "Euroregions" which are reconlized by Brussels,England is not.
    I suppose this is fine until Englands white plastic patio chair throwing brigade go on the rampage again,and then Brussels will of course indentify them as English as opposed to "Oh their from Euro sector 28".

    (I bet the Jocks,Taffs and Paddies are pissing themselves!)
  2. Fecking cheek - 'Yorks and Humber indeed'!

    About time we stopped p*ssing around in the sandbox and popped over the channel to teach Johhny Foreigner a lesson...
  3. Why don't they just call the whole place "Airstrip One" and be done with it?
  4. At least they recognised Leeds as the "Regional Capital" - come on you Whites.

    Also noted - London Region !
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    If it wasn't for some of the lads from England, (ably assisted by other equally good boys from Scotland, N.I. and Wales,) on a couple of jaunts to europe a few years back, fcuking Brussels wouldn't exist !

  6. Fair one Cuts.

    Then again...

    FEBs get it up ye! For once Europe is right!!!
  7. And for a followup question:

    Can anyone guess the segmentation for Two Jags "regional assemblies"???

    Curious coincidence, don't you think?
  8. Please dont blow me out on this ?

    But looking at that map you have up, I think you may find that its linked to the Governments Modernisation of Regionalising areas of England.

    Now wait before you blow your tops !

    Do you want to see what i mean, that way you may see what im talking about ?
  9. Its the Map of regionalised assemblys of England that Presott and bLiar want.

    Regionalised Fire Controls in England.

    Wales have the own assembly, Scotland have there own Government, Northern Ireland have an assembly and Eire have their own Country.

    England are too big and too expensive a nation to govern from London according to Downing Street. So their plan is to regionalise them, and give specific controls such as Council tax.

    Also i think you may find somewhere in this big plan is the reason why they are getting rid of certain named regiments of the Army, and leaving the Scottish and Welsh , Irish alone ???
  10. Yeah, leaving the scottish regiments alone.... :roll:
  11. They are leaving the Scotish Regs alone aren't they ? ( Serious question)
  12. Labour........draws a strong vote from Scotland.............. :cry: Thats why they are still in power :cry: No Scottish cuts loss of voter,,,,,,,whovever said the Scots were over repesented? Prescott.......................yeah......oh my stomach hurts..............

    NO STOP....dont mention Charles 'Where's me drink' Kennedy.....................who???? 8O :roll:
  13. The more I see of New Labours plans for these region assemblies and the "restructuring" of the Armed forces, the more I see it as a facking big Euro plot.

    Call me cynical, call me a conspiracy theorist, all I know is that I will never be part of Europe nor do I ever want to be. :evil:
  14. i see the Socialist Republic of the North West has a capital in Manchester , OI! BRUSSELS NOOOOOOOOOO!
    its gotta be Liverpool!

    seriously if they do all this regional govt, it just another layer of bureaucracy and destroy british identity
  15. Is this cos BLiar is infact a sweaty sock himself?
    just taught himself to speak proper like what we does?