Accomodation Needed in Bergen Hohne

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by gggggrrrrr, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. Good Evening all,

    Myself and the wife are visiting Bergen Hohne home of 7th Armoured Brigade on the 18th - 21st May 2006,
    We are in need of any details of nearby cheap B&B's or hotels.

    Additionaly if the army still use welfare flats for visiting relatives i would be greatfull if someone can help.
    Im ex forces myself and served with 207 sig sqn. Infact I just got out yesterday.

    Thanks People

  2. This is where i stay in Bergen when visiting my sister


    its basic and the restaurant is full of weird stuffed animals, but its a good price and is walking distance to all the pubs.
  3. that looks like the place opposite what was amadeus
  4. I have stayed in this hotel, and can recommend it - reasonably quiet, good food, close to pubs :D
  5. yeah, amadeus is an italian now, not bad either.
  6. There's a french themed place just across from the main gate, called "Oh La La". Crap rooms, cracking room service, wouldn't take the missus though! :wink:
  7. Amadeus now Viva's Excellent bloke runs it(Turk but good egg)

    Barren haus is excellent hotel.
    Michaelshof hotel on the outskirts.
    One hotel cant remeber name opposite Viva's adjacnet the Shell garage.