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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Who is the manufacturer of the flat pack accomodation blocks in Kosovo / Iraq?

    Are they from

  2. Corimec certainly used to be the supplier of choice for UN (Bos, Kosovo, etc). Probably the best thing to come out of Italy for a while.

    Could'nt comment on other ops.
  3. The green flatpack buildings that were built in Kosovo were made by Kudos which was part of Hunting Engineering I think.

    Some of them were shipped to Basrah in 2003-04 and were used at SLB

    The utility buildings which made up the larger buildings/offices etc were made by Premier and the kitchens by PKL
  4. And just to add confusion to the whole thing, they are all referred to as "Corrimecs" :D
  5. The ones in the US Air Force base in Tallil are Corrimecs, don't know about other camps though
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Thank you!
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I seem to remember watching Turners trying to repair a CORIMEC with parts from what was probably the KUDOS when I ws in Bosnia. No matter how hard they tried the window wouldn't fit until some "local modifications" had been made.
  8. I have lived in both Kudos and Corrimecs, Corrimecs are better and bigger.
  9. What makes the corrimec better, other than size?
  10. More electrical points, bigger windows, shutters on the window, less likely to electricute yourself to death if they havent been put together correctly, that sort of thing.
  11. I recall having to rewire numerous corrimecs in bosnia during the 90's because the distribution boards were not correctly earthed or bonded...That said though I prefer the corrimec to the Kudos unit as it is easier to construct, is more robust and the floor doesn't tend to sag and give way like the Kudos.

    Although thte Kudos units in Iraq at the moment have all been shipped from Bosnia as they are no longer needed, which results in the above problems as they are simply not designed to be shipped round the world once constructed..
  12. Do you not break them down again for transit?
  13. Anyone seen the Concrete Tents that have been demonstrated on the TV of late ?
    You get a large pack say 5 by 3 by 2 feet, add water and then blow up with a Hair Drier.
    One concrete tent say 15 by 5 by 10 ft high. So solid you can stand on it.