Accomodation in Grangemouth

I have currently been dropped onto a 2 week job at a refinery in Grangemouth, does anyone know of any cheap half decent accomodation in grangemouth or nearby?? I leave on Sunday so time is of the essence!!

We get £30 a night allowance and we like it to cover food as well, yes...tight git i know!!




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The only decent hotel in Grangemouth (the Grange Manor) is ruinously expensive. You might be better trying Falkirk as it's only a couple of miles away.
The Lea Park is good, and friendly - and as there is bugger all to do in Grangemouth the food's not bad either. Better choice of restaurants in Falkirk though - try the Cladhan in Kemper Avenue, stay there and walk into town for a change of menu.
Cheers for the advice chaps,

due to the fact the festival is on everywhere seems to be booked up so i am going into a travel inn in Falkirk and they can stump the bill.

i dont make anything out of it but at least its half decent accommodation for once.

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