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Accomodation Help

Probably the wrong forum but:

Trying to find accomodation for two adults in the Arnhem / oosterbeek area for the 15th-18th Sept for the 60th Anniversary of the Operation Market Garden.

Obviously due to being a pair of inept tools we have left it until the last minute to find any digs.

Anyone help?
I'm sure the SBS and MI5 might object to me borrowing your supersatelite secret driven hyper link communications centre into the heart of Holland. But thanks anyway :D

It will happen even if we have to kip in a field, we will be too drunk to care
Tried that one mate, but everywhere is booked up.

At this rate Im gonna have to find a whorehouse and book myself in for the night :D :D :D

Bonus all round provided Mrs MDN doesn't find out :?

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