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Probably the wrong forum but:

Trying to find accomodation for two adults in the Arnhem / oosterbeek area for the 15th-18th Sept for the 60th Anniversary of the Operation Market Garden.

Obviously due to being a pair of inept tools we have left it until the last minute to find any digs.

Anyone help?
Letterwritingman said:
I've got a tent :D ..............
You've got a small c0ck too, but thats not helpful either :D
better to be tight than baggy

any chance of some help or should I go fcuk myself :?:

Im always helpful when others require help :D
Thanks, but save the daft answers, I haven't time to commute from a cheap B&B in Antigua and a reduced price cruise around the Fjords is no help either
MDF, you can borrow my dinghy, up the canals and you MAY even hit the bloody bridge. Have a good trip mate, if it comes off.

:) :)
I'm sure the SBS and MI5 might object to me borrowing your supersatelite secret driven hyper link communications centre into the heart of Holland. But thanks anyway :D

It will happen even if we have to kip in a field, we will be too drunk to care
Tried that one mate, but everywhere is booked up.

At this rate Im gonna have to find a whorehouse and book myself in for the night :D :D :D

Bonus all round provided Mrs MDN doesn't find out :?
Cheers chaps, still no joy with vacancies for those three days, am going to have to task a trout with the job on monday.

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