Accomodation for WOs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Aintbrokedontfixit, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where to find the rules/regs concerning accomodation when on a course when service accomodation is not available.
  2. You need to get a certificate of non-availability from the school where the course is taking place (or a copy of the joining instructions saying there is no accomodation) and approach your HR staff to book you a hotel. Details of daily and nightly rates of subsistence allowable are in JSP 752.
  3. Cheers for that. Got the certificate of non-availability it was the JSP I was after, got a feeling we are going to get stiffed by admin staff at bn and end up in some down market B&B, thought there was rules govening what type of acc WO are entitled to.
  4. Feckin Hotels Whits wrong with transit accommodation

  5. They aint got any apparently. Rather stay on camp and get fed rather than have to submit claims on JPA then have to dig out the recipts 12 months later because my claim for a couple of quid needs to be checked.
  6. There is a maximum hotel daily rate depending on your rank I believe but everytime I've not been put up in the mess the hotels have been pretty decent. A point to note is that your daily subsistence at £27 a day (as at Apr 09, new rates not yet out) is aggregated over your stay so if you underspend one day you can overspend the next etc. Make sure you keep your receipts for everything or you will end up out of pocket!
  7. >shudder< Cavalry Barracks.
  8. Contact Defence Hotel Reservation Service (DHRS) on 0844 848 4422 and they will book your hotel. Once they have booked it they will send you a confirmation which includes a booking reference number. You will need this to claim your NS on JPA.

    It's JSP 752 by the way...
  9. Don't go via the DHRS and you're (as a couple of people at our place that thought they knew better have found out) fucked and out of pocket!
  10. To clarify, this translates as:

    IF you don't go via DHRS, you WILL be fucked and out of pocket!
    (Because it won't be considered an authorised expense).
  11. Make sure you have the budget holder's authority before you go otherwise any claim you submit will be invalid! - the money will be taken back off you.

  12. Always good to get input from the soldiers of the 70s
  13. Down to the budget holder have a chat with your Regt 2IC normaly about £100 per night you are ok anything over he will have to ok
  14. AFA, I agree. I have just come from a site with 3 Regts in one bks and there is certainly no such thing as transit accommodation there.