Accomodation Charges - Help Please

I've tried sorting this out at my pay office, but seem to be getting nowhere, so before I go in gobbing off I would like some advice from Pay Trained Soldiers - not the useless civvy who works in our RHQ, but can't count.

I am Married Unaccompanied, after receiving 2 months notice on a posting (18 months earlier than I expected). I asked to retain my quarter until the end of the school year, when both my kids are due to change schools anyway, thus not disturbing their education.

I commute at weekends and receive GYH(P), but my pay office insist on charging me for Single Accomodation, my Quarter Charge, CILOCT (M) and CILOCT (S). Now we're only talking maybe an extra £40 a month, but moneys money, and I'm getting a bit p!$$ed off with the civvy, cos everytime I query the charges he promises to ask 'Staff'. (I have never seen this elusive Staff).

My question is;
As I am MU voluntarily, do I pay for both accomodation? I have done this before and was told that you do not pay for 2 sets of accomodation in the Army.


I will check out with DSPS(A) tomorrow and give you an official reply if no one has given one by then. It will of course be no names but I have a friend who......etc.


With the information you have provided I am told that the situation is correct e.g you pay for everything. If you are able to opt for the over 37 package then you are exempt the accommodation and CILOCT(S).


Your situation e.g. family remained in qtrs away from duty station soley for children to finish primary education is not a reason to be classed as involsep. Therefore you are liable. However there is nothing to stop them writing through the chain of command to apply for an exemption if you can put a strong enough case that your children had to remain to finish this stage of their education.


You must decide whether you think you have a strong enough case to warrant an exemtion from the accommodation charges. Speaking to a few in the know the general opinion would be that you have not. What you must take into account, and what should be explained to you by the RAO,that the reason you have no case is that, although your situation is not covered in regs as a reason for being involsep. As there is an exemption for children who are within 2 years of taking examinations GCSE's etc . It would be held that children under lets say 14 are not disrupted by changing school therefore if they don't move with the soldier then the soldier is voluntry seperated.

My instincts are telling me that you should only be paying MU Food charges. Unfortunately RAAC can be interpreted in millions of ways, but I certainly wouldn't have read it this way.

You should not be charged for 2 sets of accommodation. That said, it depends on what you class 'Voluntarily Separated' as, and how clear those circumstances are. I am not in possession of all the facts.

As it’s only short term, I would say you should pay for your quarter and Food MU for living in the mess etc during the week.

Solution - you need a second opinion, if nothing else. Speak to your boss, explain the situation and get in to see the FSA - I have come across too many examples of Pay Staff who make (honest) mistakes precisely because the rules are so byzantine...
At the very least you should staff a case to be considered INVOLSEP, use the short notice of you posting, the letter from the DHE allowing you to retain yor MQ and your posting history/childrens' schools as evidence. This would mean that you should only pay for your MQ and MUA Food.
Ask your RAO staff for the example of G1 staff work cases that was published by the CoC.
Thanks all - I don't have access to the t'interweb during the week, but finally got to speak to 'staff' - he turns out to be a really nice bloke, although still demonstrates the skills that made the Scarlet Pimpernel so successful.

I will be refunded the money as he agreed that I was being charged incorrectly. I had to provide proof from DHE etc. The biggest weapon in my Arsenal was a statement of support from the Childrens Education Advisory Service (CEAS) who were also excellent when DHE started getting shirty about my request to retain my quarter for a few months.

At Ease - thanks for going to so much trouble, the problem was sorted very quickly when I got to speak to a military clerk, not a civvy. (Nothing against Civvies in general - my kids are civvies - but they seem to struggle with any new concepts, such as my case).
Wob, don't let one bad penny put you off, I have 10 civy pay & docs clerks working for me, everyone of whom are better than any of the mil clerks I have met lately. The problem is that the Regs are hugely complicated and the time for training constantly cut back!

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