Accomodation at Wattisham

Can someone out there confirm what I heard recently. Is it true that Junior ranks are getting money for living off camp due to the lack of accom? What about the seniors who are living in the biggest pit this side of Hobnobs bed space, surely they should be first in line to move out. I also heard that a RAF Cpl turned his promotion down because he didn't want to move into the mess. So they are thinking of posting him out. ( He is probably knocking on 48 years old though so he wont reap the benifits for long, RAF Promotion being what it is)

You are 100% correct, they have asked each of the Sqn's to nominate 15 Senior toms or JNCO's to move into rented accomodation in Ipswich. This is strategy is supposed to make the budgeteers in Bde / Div / MOD sit up and realise that we need more accomodation in Wattisham. However it wont be a problem for long, as once it starts to happen all the Seniors will sign off, and all the juniors will have to get promoted. However on a massive positive note, they have fixed the showers in the banana block.
Pleased about the showers, you were beginning to smell a bit, how about your window....still no joy
So where are they going to get all the furniture from to put in these luxury docklands appartments?
Then once the powers to be stretch there purse strings to build more accomodation, where are they going to store it all!

Apparently the reason why no Seniors are moving out is because the mess will loose its customers! and the space problem is with the Jnr rank accom!
I suppose the days of PSA are long gone where experienced tradesmen were sent where they weren't needed but just as long as the weather isn't too bad or the extra pay makes it worthwhile. it's probably sub-contracted out so many times that you've actually got the contract yourself for fixing that window and you took your time fixing the shower. I sympathize. Shame my health is fcuked, I'll be in Ipswich in a couple of weeks, I could have brought some tools.
We'll end up going down the 9 Regt road with soldiers living in

Feck me old boots and I remember when you were jailed for even thinking about wanting to live out as a singly in the early 80s. That was in Hildesheim though. Only the ferkin shacked up oned did that. The rest had a whale of a time in the Regt bar (in the cellar). It was considdered a challenge to have a shot at a bird in the block. Not in some poncy flat down town.
I tried to get permission to live out in Minden and was told while it may be a modern army, it's a Christian army. Still trying to work it out. That was from head bottle washer in St Georges Barracks. I thought the Christian army ran Red Fred's.

If you still remember me Warden, I did live out at Hildesheim from until 83 until I joined the bean stealers ranks just before 652 (and me) went down south. Just slipped through the net I suppose but then was there ever a net to slip through?

There was uproar by the pads (male) at MW when 70's lads got shoved in a block of flats on the patch. Soon died down and the pads (female) seemed ok with the situation.
I do vaguely remember you Mistersoft and I think I remember you running the Regimental Bar If I am not mistaken?????? Good times had by all. Nearly got latched to some teutonic schlapper who wanted me to live at her place though. Her Granddad was in the SS in the war and wanted to ferkin shoot me when he found out I was brit. Laugh......I nearly flashed my fags.
I do remember you as well Warden. If you run the regimental bar you are both loved and hated by all but at least everybody knows you. Agreed, good times had by all. There's always one ex SS type Eric in the story. There was one that used to drink in Maximes in Minden and he got bought more beers than he could drink, just to shut the fcuker up. He actually wasn't ex SS, he had been a farmer but farmers don't get bought so many beers, hence the little white lie.
Living out !
memorys of a WO I 21 years service throughing his hand in, 71 Deters, when Brig Comder told him he had to live in. Singlys where not allowed to live out.
When I lived out at Hildeshome the only factor was the active edge shite but as long as you had a phone, problem solved. It was also a nice suitable distance from any spammings and at least I had Erics on hand to insult, like the female one I was living with.

In the event of any bug out I was there quicker than most of the pads as they had to come from as far as Hannover. Can't see the problem with living out. If there isn't the accommodation at Wattisham why the fcuk did some dicksplash move you there but I bet you've asked that question a few times already?

Next priority for the Bush twins is to invade somewhere that has a good surplus of accommodation, fcuk the oil, you can't sleep in it.
The living allowance and the RILOR that the lads are getting is pretty impressive. Something like an extra £400 per month. Some very happy JNCOs wandering around the Regt at the moment!
the-greyman said:
So where are they going to get all the furniture from to put in these luxury docklands appartments?
Then once the powers to be stretch there purse strings to build more accomodation, where are they going to store it!!
Hot Off the press, all apartments are fully furnished from the company doing the renting...first people move into thier shag palaces on Friday next week! I think its great.......thier not going to build on Wattisham theres no money so why not take the piss? I think chauffers should be made available to get these lads to work from Ipswich?
Shite, a missed opportunity! Just got back from four days in Colly, not MCTC, slightly rougher hotel but at least it had stars. Was in Ipswich as well and thought of looking for properties suitable to rent out to MOD. I had a calculated portfolio and having read the posts here had come up with a few musts, the windows have to be broken or at least one, the shower(s) must also be broken and there must be a pub close by that regularly runs out of beer.

I also took into account the posts on the best and worst accommodation thread and some sort of pest problem would be acceptable, no heating would also be acceptable, a job lot of furniture would be purchased from Ikea at a good price as the instructions would be in Estonian and there would be no screwdrivers or allen keys in the flatpacks. However there would have been a broadband connection for ARRSErs and those that see the female form as a thing of beauty especially if it's being impaled by Sven and Jurgen.

Just too late. I hope there's a housewarming party, I'll bring a bottle.
wingeddeath said:
What's it got to do with you anyway...get a life
Probably more than you think and got one already thank you.
Don't waste all that posting experience on me, I'm sure the Naafi Bar will welcome your intellectual input
having recently moved into one of these apartments i would just like to say, how nice they actually are and how well im settled in. i was out on the balcony earlier having a beer watching the boats in the marina. its a hard life but ill give it a go.


The lads in these flats are on do a definate winner, and can rightly laugh their b0llocks off whilst admiring the view of the marina.

What fcuks me off is the outrageous "living expenses" they are getting. What justification is there? They even get their TV licence paid for them. Even crows in the block have to fork out for that!

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