Discussion in 'Juniors' started by duckmysick, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Im looking at joining the army as a soldier. But before that can anyone tell me abit about what the rooms are like after training. Size, sink, will I have to share, what are the chances of getting your own room etc.
  2. things are heading to mostly single rooms but in training you will most likely share. after all it is good to work as a team to achieve things and helps you socialise and get on with people more.

    i have a single room now and miss my old 4 man room a bit... mainly because there was only 3 of us in there, and we all liked a few shandys. happy days. nothing worse than sharing with the smelliest man in nato though. luckily i have never had that priveledge
  3. The only thing with basic is that Room wars do tend to occur in the evening and you tend to get a good nights sleep with 1 eye open. 4 man rooms are also good fun. single man rooms are boaring most of the time. the good old days of basic.
  4. 4 man rooms on my camp but at chelsea barracks we we 14 blokes in a 4 man room, because that was the only room in the platoon lines that was habitable,but thats an extreme case i guess things do get a little better not much tho
  5. if you are scared of sharing with anyone and worried about walking down the corridor to the ablutions in your towel then i suggest civi street is your future. if not, theres room at mine for some slap and tickle lol
  6. Feck you are right on that, unfortunately I did have a room with the smelliest man in nato, the bloke had some plastic bowl filled with stew that he brought from home in his locker for about a month. His white bed sheets were brown and the ****** just ironed the sweat and dirt into his clothing for so long that his combats somehow started to shine. Just before I moved rooms I antiqued the bastards bed with four full tubs of talc, he got into bed and never noticed, woke up in the morning rather pale with the csm walking around. :)
  7. Now thats what i call a good prank. Stupid f**k should have kept a sharp eye on his Cleaning skills. :twisted:
  8. You should've pissed in his iron. If somone doesn't wash their kit after ironing steamed piss into it then he needs help!