Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DARKCIDER, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. Is there Z-type at Chicksands yet? I heard it was going in but wasn't sure if it was this century or not.

    :lol: :lol:

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  2. Yeah there is, but wtf is that pic all about?
  3. I am a computer biff, although I cant seem to get rid of the box it is in. Who is the Z type used for? Is it all soldiers or just the perm staff?
  4. About bloody time. Block 411 was shite!
  5. Ahhhh the joys of block 411.

    Now there's a building that holds a lot of drunken stories, for a lot of people....

    So are they tearing the piece of s**t down then??
  6. afaik, the z-type is there for everyone.. the Perm staff are still in the old block they always were.. mind you.. It's been a year or so since I have been there, so I could be talking blercks..
  7. (sorry to dig this back up - but just to answer it..)

    Z-Type is for Permanent Staff. "Students" are still in all the "old" blocks - although they have replaced those crappy metal windows in 411 with something slightly less drafty. One of the Z-Types has SNCO's in it (bizzarely the one closest to the Juniors mess.. Int huh?), and one has some offickers in it.
  8. whatever happened to 16 man rooms??????
  9. Bullshit. Z type is not for Permanent staff only as implied. Students ARE in z types.

    I see the age old tradition of guessing despite having no fcking knowledge at all is alive and well. If you dont know FACTS dont guess.

    Templer phase 2, including transferees, and a very few selected raf(lowercase intentional) are in the block. The powers that be still cant stomach the idea of phase 2 recruits in any corps/arm of the Army in Z TYPE. One will happen...

    In fact it is definitely possible to put two single beds in a z type, remove a chair and a table and have LOADS of space and of course ensuite. If they can afford it, Id recommend to the Templer CSM they do this. One squad of Templer in one block (24 rooms=48 students).

    its about time the army got into the 21st century and gave soldiers living conditions worthy of our abilities. Retention of personnel is too important to leave to the condemned 60s accommodation, and marrying just to get a pad. 4man rooms as a senior Corporal is still expected in some postings ...and they wonder why people(good people) sign off ?

    Dont need to split the fems off...although they probably should. Of course students need to clean their own ensuite so making inspections a tad more interesting....have you seen the state of some of the z type bogs? jeez.

    DSSS/Bletchley/whatever they are calling themselves this month STUDENTS are in the Z types - Some JSPI students are in Z type. All services Pte-Cpl or equivalent. There are Sgts only blocks as well....except for the Juniors improving inter rank relations most nights especially thursday to sunday!

    Int huh?

    edited to include a rant about army accommodation and how little ******* with red tabs care about the institution that is the British Army and its soldiers!
  10. Now you're showing your age CR; they were only 12 man rooms in my day.
    Ah, the joys of Block 6. But why did I always get the bunk below the swampy?
  11. was it only 12? see, i am so old and decrepit i can't even remember whether it was 6 x bunk beds or 8. :)

    mind you, i remember in places like BATUS, being in a transit room with what must have been over a hundred blokes. and adventure training place down in Fremington isnt much better - 40 or 50 to a room.

    or maybe i am just mis-remembering things again. probably just 4 man rooms and i have an over-active imagination.

    i must confess to having mixed sympathies with our lad up there - Z type for phase 2s. part of me says "go for it, good on the army." but a bigger part of me wants them to sort out accommodation for fully trained soldiers out in all the units first, before sorting out those still in training. single rooms with en suite for soldiers in training? not before a single fully trained soldier, if i had my way.

    probably just because we are bluff old traditionalists who used to have hairy blanket bedblocks, not duvets... block jobs, not cleaners... beastings and 50 pushups at the drop of a hat, not mollycoddling rules protecting recruits over instructors... tortuous stress positions, not group hugs... turned up fit and motivated, because people in those days realised that turning up for the army was a bit of a physical commitment... were given booklets on NBC and fieldcraft, not rights of a soldier and what instructors can and can't do... were constantly on guard at all hours, not secure in the knowledge that instructors weren't allowed to trouble us in our rooms after 6pm or whenever it is... and did what we were told by instructors, because we would get f*cking filled in quick sharp, if we thought for a second we could demonstrate the attitude shown by some of today's phase 2s.

    and no this was not 1950, it was only 1990.

    blah blah bring back hanging, that's what i say ;) christ i'm so middle aged.
  12. Well I apologise for not specifying the occupant of every single Z-type room at Chicksands - oddly enough - I assumed a generalisation would have sufficed, rather than a breakdown by numbers..... So - JNCO Permanent Staff gets Z-Type, if your damn lucky you might get it on a course.

    I'll admit I didn't know that there was Templer Phase 2's in Z-type - something I think is a bit out of order; but I've stopped trying to figure out the thinking about phase 2 after the last couple of years.

    I don't understand why the Z-type needs to be single sex as was suggested - or is this a bit of bitterness from the "in my day" thing? Well - it's not anymore, and things have moved on - get used to it.

    If guys and girls can't act in a responsible way and keep their own rooms in order without someone breathing down their neck I really wonder what they're doing in the Corps.
  13. CR - too true - sod the recruits and let's try and retain what we've got!

    And it was 12 man rooms in Block 6 - and Sy Pl had to live in a vile waterlogged portakabin next door I believe - you'd never get away with that now! :D
  14. Was only 8 to a room when i joined and Block 6a was 2 to a bed on occasions. There was no Sy Pl and the only portacabins were down at the FAWG site.
  15. "Sy Ply" used to live on the bottom floor when i was there - in the door, turn left and down into the bronx. a den of unmotivated souls indeed... mind you, this was when people used to actually fail training occasionally!!! we lost 75% of our course from jun 90 to feb 91. Squad 126 apparently had a total of 84 people go through it during either basic (lost loads) or A3 (lost even more lol). seem to remember 21 of us passed out, but am open to correction. in trade training, even after the analysts and linguists had gone to do their bit, the opints were split into two separate platoons and did the whole load of training in two halves - no rest for the instructors, having to teach two lots of Sy and two lots of Combat Int.

    ok, so it wasnt the most efficient use of men and resources - but they weren't shy about binning crap operators back then, were they? :)