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  1. Now that most of us have reached an age where we live in comfort and basic is a dirty word, I thought I'd post this photo..no particular reason..other than to remind you that it was great to be young and daft :)

    wasn't a lot of privacy then or to many ipods.

    It must have been dinner hour..everyone gonking with their boots on.
  2. Pah! You had it soft......curtains FFS!
  3. AAhh
    but it was the Officers mess :)
  4. What year was it? DMS boots and suitcases, no sausage bags.
  5. I hazard a guess 80-82?
  6. hey its not all changed, does still look like that in some places
  7. Nooo
    sausage/elvis bag was there and neatly squared away :)

    no dpm all og so a wee bit earlier.

    Just noticed..there's a fella there with "2" suitcases!!! It could be tropper.
  8. 1978 ??

    No carpets ? wooden polished floor ? was it basic training although I doubt it because you forgot to do the curtains ?
  9. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Brings back memories, you can even see the sole of the DMS has been bulled, no bunk beds though :? Must have been Chefs or Storemen :wink:
  10. "Fcukin show parade,show second suitcase.it should be in the drying room you little runt"

    Edited to add"And don't fcukin plan anything for 2200 hrs either"!!
  11. I can't believe they're lying on their pits!! I slept on the floor once I got a bed block that passed inspection - meaning I didn't get a kidney punch if it wasn't up to scratch. Ah the good old days - I hated them :)
  12. Those were the days!

    I've gone all weepy....

  13. Ah it was good being in the Nursing Corps.... single rooms, even in Basic!! :D
  14. Just for the record,
    It's a photo of the lads resting to prepare for the awaited invasion of russian troops

    Hohne 1972.

    So not recruits..but trained killers :)
  15. Not as old as some of you OAPs :wink: but did sleep 95% of Basic in 1988 on the floor because I didnt want to mess my bed block up.