Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_field_mouse, May 29, 2009.

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  1. I am currently being forced to move accom from a large room to a much smaller room. I was under the impression that certain posts - ARTD Instrs were entitled to specific requirements, desk, chair and storage space. I have searched the JSP's to no avail.

    If someone could help me in this matter, it might give me some needed ammo to avoid eviction!

  2. To date, all your posts have been regarding accommodation and/or what you can claim on expenses. Are you an MP?
  3. Live with it and stop moaning. im sure theres lads in worse rooms than you.
  4. You should have joined the RAF ..then you could stay in a 5 Star Hotel..apparently...but you failed at school and joined the Army...tough... :lol:
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I always thought WO's were entitled to a larger better room until I found out it's actually the Junior ranks that get better accommodation to ensure retention! FFS.
  6. I have actually been asked to pose this question on here. I live out! Not an MP, but someone who wants what he is entiltled to.

    However guessing by the answers given, most people are just content with "getting on with it" because they don't want to rock the boat. Typical Army solution. Don't want to upset people. Grow some balls and rock the boat I say. If no one ever complains or asks questions thats why nothing gets fixed, as all those above us think all is well.
  7. Oh, so it's a "friend" now?

    Lads are being killed and wounded almost daily, and you're whining about moving rooms. Get a grip.
  8. I have obviously hit a nerve with this one. Yes I agree lads are being killed and wounded almost daily. And for that I have nothing but heartache for the families and friends involved.

    However, my question is a valid one. Yes it is a group of friends, and if it affected me I would still ask this question. If you have nothing constructive to add and only some criticism, then I would ask you DeltaDog to abstain from this question. Are you a grumpy RQ or QM and don't like people quoting JSP's and Regs!
  9. JSP says NO!................ now f uckin move
  10. You're the dick for bringing that to the thread, are we to assume you feel the same about your own thread on the driving test being shoite???

    Does nobody else have issues that can be discussed because of that???

    Cheap shot.
  11. you put the question in the NAFFI your going to get insults for it.

    live with it or you could call the scum and sell your story !!!
  12. I agree. And anyway, Delta, your profile has ”Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” - Benjamin Franklin written under it.

    Strange, as you're suggesting that this guy should just knuckle down and settle for what he's told, just because it would easier for everyone if he didn't make a fuss and stand up for himself.

  13. Fair one - I phrased it poorly, but it wasn't meant as a cheap shot.

    The point I was making is lads are still being issued with kit which is not up to the job and sent into the firing line without adequate support. Kick up a fuss and throw spanners in the works about that by all means; But when it comes to having to move to a smaller room, stop whining and pack your kit.
  14. Why would an ARTD instructor get more space?
  15. Why are you being moved? Are you in accommodation that you are not entitled too? How long have you had it, was it always a temporary thing?