Accommodation in the Ypres area

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by deerhunter, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Planning a trip over to France and Belgium to do a short Battlefield Tour with the kids.

    Have surfed the net, and also looked at all the accom advertised in the latest WFA Bulletin, but can anyone recommend decent, reasonably-priced accommodation in the Ypres area?
  2. Ieper Barracks
  3. theres a guy on the 3rtr forum that runs a guest house and tours ex 3rtr tankie..
  4. Just to top and tail this one and potentially be of help to other Arrsers in the future, I found some excellent accommodation in Vlamertinge, approx 5km from Ypres on the road to Poperinge. It's a first-class B&B run by an english couple, which I can unreservedly recommend to anyone on the site:

    Cherry Blossom B&B, Grote Branderstraat, Vlamertinge, Ieper.

    +32 (0) 57 301555


  5. Why not PM banjotrooper and here's his gaff!!! 8)
  6. We visited Varlet Farm on Sunday. It was a fascinating session about Passchendaele, particularly all the stuff they keep digging up each year. They also do B&B. (Not tried the B&B)
  7. Have stayed here in Poperinghe, all fine and convenient. Do try the strange local pub games.

    First time I just dined, with Ian Hislop joining at another table. Stayed en masse, with some of our chaps in their 'house' close by.
  8. A friend of mine has stayed regularly at Varlet Farm B&B and recommends it highly.

    It was a toss up last week, whether to stay at Varlet Farm or the Cherry Blossom - I don't think there are any bad ones.
  9. I would recommend Ambrosia Hotel Ieper.

    It is a BnB hotel, offers a lot of stuff like bicycle ride and vespa ride and so much more. It is located near the Menin Gate and other WW1 sites in Ypres. It is one of the best Ypres hotels.
  10. Google Talbot House. TOC H still take guests there I think and it's like a night in the museum!
  11. Alliance Hotel in the centre of Ieper has been refurb'd and has secure garaging for bikes.