Accommodation at Tidworth...

Hi all, recently been posted into Tidworth camp into the new JRSLA, does anyone have a clue as to how to get an internet connection set up to the room, there are the two ports already in the wall, but doesnt appear to have an active internet line... Anyone shed any light on how to get a connection set up?

Plenty of the blokes in Bulford have done it, you might get stung for a connection charge though, 127 quid or something.
I have a vodafone one, but the signal isn't strong enough to stream porn. Need to sort out a decent connection ASAP.
I've got to admire your honesty though.
Although not a user of the internet in the block (I'm a dongle man), I've asked around and the lads said they got a cable from the QMs, plugged it in, and then followed the online registration that appears in your browser.

Hope that helps.

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