Accommodation at Pirbright

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andyhud, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Just come across a site that shows a picture of pirbrights accommodation for basic training.

    Is this true about phase 1 training accommodation?

    Last time i did phase 1, we had tall grey metal lockers, with about 10 - 12 people per room.

    And had literlly no room what so ever to move, oh and we also had a big box that went under our bed which had all your personal stuff in.

    Is this still the same or have they now got 1st class hotel rooms? LOL
  2. Thanks for the link. Looks good to me.
  3. Well Andy, things have changed considerably in such a short time. You are given a warrant for a 1st Class ticket to the training establishment of your choice. You are met by a phase one assistant who typically answers to the name of Jeeves and he is to be intrusted with carrying your bags and taking care of most of your light work.

    You are whisked away to your 4 star accomodation in the back of Rolls Royce. Take advantage of the smoked oysters and champagne in the back. You wont be seeing smoked oysters until AFTER your first 48 hours in training.

    You will be greeted at your new 4 star training facility by the a chappy who will most likely introduce himself as Corporal Smith or the like. Hand him your bags while you check in. He will see fit to have the bags delivered to your room with some haste. Check in at the counter and take the lift to whatever floor you are situated on. It is likely there might be some fool in the hallways sweeping and buffing, (This type of work typically being done by the Platoon Sgt) just breeze on by him and go about your day. Actually I am told that if you slip him a tenner and a wink he'll keep your boots polished for the entire time you are there. SShhh...don't let your muckers know about this.

    Anyway, you'll finally be standing at your new room. It may be a little smaller than you are used to. Probably only about 1,000 square feet of living space, but believe me its tolerable. Jeeves and Corporal Smith would have your bags unpacked and likely be pressing your clothes for the following afternoons activities. Thats right, Day 1 you can stay in bed until passed noon, giving you time to adjust to your new lifestyle.

    So worry nought old boy. There is also a program where young gentlemen of a delicate nature can move their mothers into an ajoining room, should young sir feel a tad homesick and require special attention.

    Good luck old boy. And don't forget, those nasty old men are no longer allowed to shout at recruits. Its fluffy duvets and Bug Bunny Slippers all round.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Whatever happened to D-lines? 20 men to a room, Buffing the floor everyday, Having to sprint down to the cookhouse/Gym/classrooms because they were miles away and there was never enough time in the day. Clean the bogs then have some git from another troop curl one down the pan. Great character building days.
  5. Can I swop the rolls royce for a bentley? Mummy wouldn't want me to ride in such a lower class vehicle!
  6. Sounds remarkably similar to sandhurst
  7. so basiclly, its first class all the way since i did basic.
  8. Worried by the instructors choice of words when describing the new accomodation;

    "Not only does it make the training easier but it's a much friendlier environment".

    What is the point in Phase 1 these days? It's certainly not to separate the wheat from the chaff like it used to be!
  9. Well, y'know, 'train in, not select out' and all that...

    The army needs the chaff almost as much as the wheat, it is quite short manned.
  10. The block does look pretty sweet tho, far better than the crap i had 10 year ago.

    But to be honest i wouldnt have given it to phase 1 recruits, with the high turnover of people going through ATR Pirbright it wont take long before that nice carpet/locker gets damaged etc.

    I would have spent the money on accomodation for soldiers that have passed the trainning. To give them totally top notch living accomodation, It would give the recruits something to aspire too i suppose. (IMO)

    Triggy... :wink:
  11. D-Lines is still there, HDPRCC have their accomodation there.
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I did my basic at Pirbright 40 years ago. You aint seen nothing boy :D :D
  13. I'm pretty sure that d-lines hadn't changed much from your time to mine. (1996) It certainly looked that way when I was there.
  14. The new accommodation is nice, 42 inch plasma TV, Automatic lights, carpets. Exactly like the photo and if im not mistaken its the last block before the CQMS building.

    Oh and if you beat the lights turning on in the corridor your better then me, very nearly done it but stacked it. Boarderm love it :/