Accommodation at Bordon

Discussion in 'REME' started by Cable, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. Evening gents,

    Just about to enter my final week of Phase 1 (thank ****, it's getting boring now -- not learning anything new etc) and all being well I'll turn up at Bordon not long after.

    Was wondering if anyone knew what the accommodation at the place is like, specifically for Phase 2 soldiers. When we had our Phase 2 visit in week 7 we were told that it was four to a room but didn't have time to actually walk about a block and see for ourselves. My main concern is what "leisure" items I could fit into my part of the room (not that I plan on mincing on the 360 24/7 -- work first of course) such as a PC. Would there be enough room for a desktop or am I better off bringing my laptop for space conservation?

    Thanks in advance,

    -- Cable
  2. By the sounds of it fella you can get whatever you want.

    Not learning anything? You'd better start, one, being not to gob off and look like you know everything when you so obviously don't.

    4 man room means you have plenty of pit space to put a PC in.
  3. Sounds good, cheers fella.

    Also, didn't mean to come across as sounding as a gobshite, just that we've finished all our tests so we're not learning anything new in Phase 1. Wasn't trying to sound like a tit or anything.

    -- Cable
  4. Take a laptop, with wireless if poss. I think they have wifi in the naafi there and most toms take a laptop to get online.

    Space will be at a premium, don't hoard - top tip for your next postings if you're a singlie.

    Take out kit insurance if you haven't already, and take padlocks too, a must.
  5. I've already got myself a USB modem for internet and signed up for kit insurance as soon as it was made available to us and got my lappy covered on it. It sucks that everything has to be padlocked up though as its a hassle to **** about with them, though worth it -- a few lads have had their iPods and phones gone missing in our troop throughout training which sucks.

    Cheers for the help fellas.
  6. I would personally take a laptop,

    1. I think space would be tight for a desktop.

    2. I wouldn't trust pissed up squaddies with my PC. Especially if its for course work and not surfing for porn (recy mechs),

    3. You can take your laptop away for a bit of privacy :wink:

    4. Security

    5. It was 18 years since I stayed at SEME things could have changed so take the above with a pinch of salt.

    6. Don't upset the Recy Mechs when your at Bordon (if they are still there?).

    7. You didn't sound like a gobshite in your first post.
  7. Reccy Mechs at bordon these days are all thin as a rake these days (all recruits now on their trade course). Take a laptop if you have one, there is very little space within your own bedspace to fit a desktop system in your room, plus I'd not leave a computer around shared accomodation, it will go missing.

    It was land of the living geeks down the naafi when they first rolled out the wireless there and I'm quite confident it's still the same. You walk down to the bar and you see the faint glow of a million laptops with everyone sat widemouthed staring at the internet.

    Oh and also

    None of us here are in Phase one these days mate but we are always learning new things, your training doesn't just stop once you leave your basic training.
  8. Was at bordon tail end off last year 4 man rooms lots off space pc or laptop fine best bet if you have one or other take it, don't buy a new one you can get free net time in the library.
  9. yes your right it is 4 man rooms. a bed space per person, main locker is kept locker layout therefore smallest locker is for personal kit. theft is rife i suggest you take your laptop, as previously mentioned there is wifi in the naffi free in the wrvs, the small space next to ur bed u may want to reserve for your massive HD tv to play 360, thats the norm. i can tell you now a pc will be a waste of space. take heed, and enjoy. lol.
  10. I cant really tell ya what the bed spaces are like as i never slept in mine when i was there.... lol
  11. Thats only cause your name was on one of the cell doors!! When you made it past the guardroom without getting banged up, the wheelie bins were a particular favourite of yours. :lol:
  12. Are you two Badboys gay lovers?
  13. Are you a real spaz?

    Step in to the 21st century, it's ok if you don't push back.

  14. 4-man rooms definately. Take a laptop as the "crow" do like helping themselves to your posessions. You can have tv's but the room has to buy a licence. You'll get a lovely corridor/wing NCO, a phase 3 upgrader, who will inspect the wing every Friday (sometimes accompanying the platoon or company staff too). Take loads of padlocks and some kind of stun gun/ cattle prod to keep the little gypo's away from your bed space. GOD I HATE SEME!
  15. Cheers for the help lads; glad I only brought my laptop - Don't think a desktop would survive round here for long, though I think I might go insane soon anyway. Bordonitis is kicking in already, though we're still in the induction week which is cack. Things must surely liven up when I get loaded onto my foundation course.