Accommodation (after training)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Luis, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. hi,
    I was just wondering if at any time during your army career you are able to rent a house/flat off the barracks and if you can when and how would you go about it?

  2. Yes you can, you have to apply in writing to live out.

    However if living out is deemed to effect your performance at work, permission could be withdrawn.

    You could still live out, but would still have to pay accomodation and food (of PAYD is not applicable) charges. Also if you are unable to make it to work (car broken down, accident etc) you will be in the shite.
  3. you may apply as a serving soldier to live out, at your own expense,

    BUT NOT on your first posting straight out of 'basics'
  4. Unless you are sprogged up with your un hitched chick i don't see why you would want to.

    Z-Type/Slam/W&nking fortress accomidation is sh1t hot. Its not like living in the block used to be with 4 man portioned off rooms. Try it out before you go looking to live out.
  5. all the things that you have down as pros after a while become cons i much prefair 4 man rooms, getting to know the boys, by being thrown in the deep end. with a bunk its bloody boring, ok you have hot an cold running pisser but thats about it. having company is out of the question because of the space so your forced to go to the bar, which isnt so bad i suppose. defo dont live out though on your first posting wrong move indeed, unless your privatly wealthy no way youd be able to afford it.
  6. thanks for the advice, helped alot.