accom regs and sleeping on gym floors ! why ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whytry, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. can anyone tell me the regs for sleeping on gym floors in uk peace time...i would imagine that would be the last resort and hotel accom threw CHBS would be sort first??
    any serious help appreciated.............
  2. We heard you the first time in RHQ.
  3. Just like you were asked in the other thread could you spell out a few more details as the ones your giving aren't enough to give any worthwile information.
  4. What?

    Presumably you just unroll your dossbag, get in it and fall asleep. Why do you need regulations for that? Count yourself lucky you've got a roof.
  5. staying at a unit that cant give us rooms , just the gym other units in near area ....oc will not go for the CHBS option , so we are on gym floor. is it not his duty to get his men beds , be it barrack rooms or chbs hotel/bandb accom........
  6. you got a roof you got a roof......stupid cnut.......just because you dont want to better your self or your life , sod off you cretin.....and die.......................................................
  7. When you say staying, Is this a one week special or a posting
  8. 1 day 2 days what does it matter .......what are the regs with keeping guys on the floor when there is over options avaliable
  9. No, it's not his duty to get you a bed, you drip. It's your duty to put up and shut up.

    Serious point: Are you a woman? If there was a split-arrse amongst you, it would be interesting, however, to see what she/they got. I remember Bessbrook Mill once upon a time; it only had two baths and about 600 blokes. Along comes a Slack Adj and one becomes 'female ablutions' - 600 blerks share the other.

    Are you a Mover?

  10. A couple of days??? stop dripping you spoilt remf. :evil:
  11. I had to sleep OUTSIDE!

    Surely there must be something about this in Regs
  12. It is a commendable and necessary trait to put up with hardships and adversity when required. It is a disgrace if personnel are expected to kip on gym floors in UK peacetime. Like all other regulations, accommodation regulations are meant to be obeyed and not subject to cost-cutting exceptions based on the willingness of the troops to "put up and shut up".

    Anyone without accommodation should get a Form 95 from the guardroom or clerks at the unit where accommodation is required to say there is no accommodation. Take said Form 95 to your own unit and get them to sort it out. If nothing is available then it will be a hotel and bed-and-breakfast on rates. Fight for - and enjoy - the occasional perk rather than getting sh@fted so the MoD can spend more on chairs and less on suitable accommodation for the troops.
  13. So it's not just me then?

    This is most extraordinary, a soldier(?) whinging about this sort of thing, but I suppose the title 'Whytry' is a bit of a giveaway. Get outside and dig yourself a trench - Home Sweet Home.
  14. It matters that we can give you a balanced reply based on fact and not emotion. If you had to make do for a couple of nights due to there being no available beds then these things happen. If however you are to be billeted in the gym for a week or more then there needs to be an explaination. Is it an exercise you are on? Is it a vehicle move with a weekend stopover? If you don't impart facts then how the hell do you expect people to assist you.
  15. & what on earth is an 'over option'?
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