Accolades for the Nasties

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rocketeer, Dec 8, 2004.

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  1. Just so you know..

    Canada's JTF2 - special operations unit.. has just received the US Presidential Citation for heroism in battle for Afghanistan.. only the second time a Canadian regiment has been so honoured [ last one was to the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry for actions in Korea in 1951 ]

    Presentation was made in a low-key affair in California with the Commander of Joint special Operations Task Force South...for actions taken between Oct. 2001 and April 2002 ..

    " It's one of those tricky situations where it is important to recognize and honour the good work they've done, but the nature of their work, it's not exactly something you can talk about " - to quote a Canadian Defence official...

    While operations by the JTF2 in Afghanistan are ' classified ' the following statement described their efforts.

    " In numerous challenging missions against Taliban and Al Quaeda targets, they captured enemy personnel, equipment and material of significant intelligence value and hampered the enemy's ability to conduct operations against us and our coalition partners .."

    [ BTW - in the Canadian Government's fall budget.. they voted $ 118.5 million for ' special forces ' expansion ..]

    Playing in the Big Leagues :lol: ..Ha!!..

  2. Dodging American bombs, possibly....
  3. "Dodging American bombs, possibly"

  4. It was this lot who didn't manage to dodge the American bombs so successfully in Afghanistan.

    PS DEFINITELY not DEFINATELY......Spelling Nazi, sorry pet hate.
  5. And weren't the Danish special forces invited to California for the same bash?
  6. If reports at the time were correct, the Canadian unit which suffered the blue-on-blue attack by US aircraft at Tarnak Farm were 3 PPCLI.