accn troubles

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stevie1967, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. right to start off im posting in here as i cant get onto the forum index for some bizare reason

    secondly im absolutly threaders with my SLA

    i moved to a new unit about 6 months ago,got told it was SLAM accn so i was quite pleased till i seen it was miniture SLAM with a crappy single old school army issue bed but i put up with it

    for the first week or so everything was ok,water,heating and electricity worked fine

    then the heating went off,after 2 weeks of sleeping in thermals the heating was back on for a few more days,then after i broke my leg i was pretty much bed bound for 4 days on the top floor till i got away on sick leave,and you can probably guess what i never had,yes any f*ckin heating,i had to borrow a heater off a mate n sleep with thermals on again

    got back and the heating issues only surfaced once since january,but we then got a new fault


    i can guarentee you 3 out of 4 weekends the water will go off on a saturday morning,its went off 5 times since mid jan and yet again today,ive reported it to the QM's several times and they keep saying its going to get sorted,its an absolute joke!

    im not going to name n shame the unit as i think its not right in doing this but i am going to see my boss tomorrow to have a chat n try n get my accn charges back since ive been here

    im at the end of my tether with this now

    as im writing this im waiting on the ballbag of a plumber to come n attempt to fix it again for a couple of days,and trying to hold my sh*t in as long as i can as i have one more flush left im my toilet but i do have a turtles head trying to pop out

    anyone else live in accn thats way below the standard of prisoners and want to rant about it?
  2. Do you have a mother? Can she write? Get her to write to the press about her poor son being misstreated by the Army.

    Also, write to your local MP yourself (if he is a Conservative).
  3. unfortunatly i dont :oops:

    but if its not sorted this afternoon then i will be in the bosses in-tray till its sorted
  4. woooo it got fixed this afternoon while i was out

    but its gone back off again lol

    what a fuckin joke!
  5. You'll get over it!
  6. Man the fuck up sperm gargler. If you'd suffered the accomodation delights of Aldershot in the mid to late eighties you'd be happy sleeping in Fred Wests' cellar, bound and gagged whilst Rose gave you a drink of her 'natural champagne'
  7. You've been issued a doss bag and bivvi bag? Whats the problem? :p
  8. lol

    i just realised something

    why the f*ck did i come here for sympathy lol

    be right back just going out the back with a shovel to have a sh*t