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So there I was, driving along when I spy a paint tin in the road. I swerve to avoid it (which wasb't easy on a 3-lane roundabout in the busy period) and manage to only catch the lid which had been lying a foot or so away.

I didn't think any more about it until a few days later when I finally walked around to the passenfer side of my car and saw white emulsion sprayed all up the front arch, wing, passenger doors... even down to the boot.

How the smeg am I going to get this off without knackering the metallic paintwork that's supposed to be there? Any useful (and cheap!) tips would be gratefully accepted!


Well if it is just emulsion then hopefully it should just come off with a jetwasher. If that is not doing much good then try and a steam cleaner BUT TURN IT RIGHT DOWN ! If it is a water based paint then to be honest it shouldnt take to much effort to shift it.
If it is oil based then it will take much longer lots of white spirit applied with a soft cloth and lots of elbow grease applied gently.
If it is oil based try the white spirit in area out of the way just in case you do get an adverse reaction.
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Cheers roger. I'm assuming it's some standard emulsion because of the few seconds I saw the tin in the road - it just looked like a standard paint can used in decorating. "Luckily" I've got a load up the inside of the wheel arch, where it's just plastic lining. That'd should give me some leeway in working out what actually works without damaging my own paintwork. I'll try the jetwasher next time I've got one to hand!
Something like T-Cut or equivalent and a lot of elbow grease. Though be warned, it will make that area look very clean and shiny and may result in having to do the rest of the vehicle to match.

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