Accidental explosion at Middle Wallop?

From beeb:

One killed in factory explosion
One person has been killed in an explosion at a defence contractor close to the Army Air Corps training base at Middle Wallop in Hampshire.
The incident happened in the village near Andover on Monday afternoon, according to police.

Nearly 30 firefighters from Andover, Stockbridge and Winchester and Ministry of Defence fire crews are at the scene.

It is believed that an oven exploded at the facility where explosive flares are produced.


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The Lord Flasheart said:
Condolences to the family. It'll be the fireworks factory across the road. Quite often have 'incidents' there. 8O
Bit more than fireworks Flash....I took a Sri Lankan major there to see mini-Viper being demoed back in the day......Pains-Wessex-Schermuly is part of the Chemring group who make most of Crab Air's ECM gear and the Hereford gun club's favourite flash-bangs ...bugger all to do with sparklers.....

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