Accidental Discharge

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by whitmos, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. Especially since, according to the Torygraph, his negligent discharge involved a 19.9 mm weapon. Must pack quite a punch.

    The older and bolder among us will remember the weapons safety film "It could be you," in which someone has an ND while cleaning a loaded SLR and kills their mate.
  2. Hardly the 1st copper to N.D. and to think there's some out there who want to arm them all!
  3. Cos of course the army never ND do we?
  4. Indeed they do, but they don't tend to be around members of the public when they do!
  5. It was an 19.9mm Australian Glock, too; they must be a lot heavier than the Austrian version.
  6. Nor are they around the queen.
  7. I expect it should read a Glock 19 9mm.

    Which is actually Austrian not Australian.

    You beat me to it Onetap!
  8. Let me clarify something, soldiers have negligent discharges, coppers only have accidental ones.
  9. I still remember my first lesson on Weapon Safety. The Full Screw teaching us began by saying, "More British soldiers have died as a result of an ND than the Paddy's have manged to kill in Northern Ireland."

    I have no idea if that was true, but it certainly made an impression!

  10. Ch.Supt Boyes had"an unthinking moment".......thats the one I remember.
    Shame he wasnt removed permanently from duties, like a bottom feeder would have been...............
  11. Isn't there sum mistook with the calibre, I'd believe it on a very very heavy sniper rifle, but for a pistol to chuck such a massive lump it can hardly be accurate.

    It'd be more accurate and effective throwing housebricks wouldn't it?
  12. "More British soldiers have died as a result of an ND than the Paddy's have manged to kill in Northern Ireland."

    Yes Wolf, I also remember those days.
    Certainly toward the end of the 80's I would have said that definitely more troops where shot by their own mates, more often then not by the 9 mill pistol.

    Was around for two Negligent Discharges.
  13. He was only pulling me through, I didn't mean to go off, honest guv!
  14. Not half as limited as this half-wit.