Accidental Death Verdict returned.

An terrible accident whilst on a school trip has resulted in the tragic death of a teenager, but an eminently sensible verdict at the inquest.

Fortunately in this case the coroner has returned a sensible verdict of accidental death. Too often recently the "culture of blame" has meant that a scapegoat is sought even when sense would dictate that no one was to blame.

This has huge implications for the British Army with its very admirable Adventurous Training Policy which sees British soldiers doing more Adv Trg than other comparable armies. We need to return to a culture of individual responsibility for actions, and away from the culture of the party "Leader" who is supposed to have thought of, and written a risk assessment on, every possible eventuality from tripping over a stair rod and falling down the stairs in the hostel to individuals failing to pack their own warm kit.

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