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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by glyndwr, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. A couple of quick questions, on my return from my current tour I will be kicking into my resettlement phase of my career. I am interested in the Accident Investigation route as a new career in civ div. The questions I would like to ask are: Does anyone on ARRSE currently work in this area, is it intresting work, whats the pay like and who usually employs you. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I've recently (2005) worked for a local authority (Council) on the commercial team, mainly undertaking audits and accident investigations with small businesses in the Borough.

    At that level it usually involved trips and slips in lifts/stairs/car-parks to shop customers/staff. The most serious injury I looked into was a fractured arm in a pub as most were minor injuries (and one fatality but cause of death was a complication and not the accident directly)

    The most serious accidents are usually within industry and therefore HSE are the investigation and enforcement authority. For that you need the right qualifications plus experience of that particular industry (rail, road, aviation, nuclear, off-shore, construction, etc).

    There is also the private sector, most national/global firms (Tesco, etc) have H&S staff, usually involved in audit/H&S management as well as accident investigation (investigation is just one aspect of the whole H&S management spectrum of activity)

    You'll need professional qualifications for all of these positions due to legal reasons (you'd either be defending your firm in court if private sector, or collecting evidence for prosecution if enforcement agency). In general, Technical Officers require minimum NEBOSH Cert or similar (but preferably Diploma-level or higher) and enforcement officers require graduate/post-graduate quals (degree) plus relevant experience in that industry. Most private sector firms also seek enforcement experience - gamekeeper turned poacher in effect.

    Hope I've given you a few ideas and sorry I can't be more specific, but H&S doesn't really flick my switch :)

    I'm sure that other users can also give you a different slant on available jobs, what I have written here is just from my own perspective :wink:

    Hope I haven't put you off any?!!
  3. Thanks very much for all the info. I have the British Safety Council H&S certificate, but H&S does not flick my switch either. Thanks again anyway.
  4. I'm sure that there are firms/organisations out there that specifically do accident investigation as a niche market.

    If you haven't already done so, have a browse of some industry and safety practitioner journals for training and job opportunities. There are SHEF/E&S advisors at Garrison/Bde/Div level and I'm sure most would be happy to let you borrow some recent copies (some may also be available at your AEC)
  5. i to am in my resettlement phase and attended a one day seminar hosted by an accident investigating training company that provide work after training. i was very intrested in this line of work as i felt it would offer variety, however after the seminar it was apparent that the title of accident investigation is a little misleading in that all you really do is take statements for firms or solicitors. the potential earnings are purely down to you finding the work and repeat work on the standard of your reports. i opted not to proceed as i do not want to be a seceratary for the next 25 years.
  6. I attended a taster session held by CPii and although very good and informative i felt that the title of accident investigator was misleading as you are infact not investigating anything just taking statements on behalf of insurance companies and solicitors.
  7. Hi guys, let me give you some advice.
    In October last year I spent over £4000.00 in qualifying as an Accident Investigator and Personal Injury Specialist with a well known training centre.
    Since then I have earned just £500.00. I have completed 3 reports, been paid for 1 and am owed for the other 2, that payment is over a month late.
    I was told that the earnings potential is phenominal, £500.00 per report and £60.00 per hour for other work, like a sucker I fell for it.
    There is money out there but the Solicitors and Insurance Companies have it all stitched up in their own little Cliques. I have sent hundreds of letters out to these people and have not had an acknowledgement from any of them.
    This is not sour grapes, far from it. I just don't want other people falling for the patter like I did. Cheers
  8. That sounds like a very bad experience, IH. Does your training/skills translate into other aspects of 'safety'? HSE operators in, for instance, the mining and oil/LNG industries are in great demand, and I've no doubt in other areas such as construction, tunnelling etc.
  9. Glyndwr

    I have PM'd you

  10. None whatsoever, it really is a bit of a scam.
  11. Hi, I did a course run by a guy with a chief constables award, he looked after all the military lads. I got a real qualification unlike some other courses. Since completing the course I have worked for insurance and solicitors/ My advice is get a proper qualification and then get out there and get the job, All my course mates are all OK workwise no one said life was easy you get out of something what you put in.

    Not all are cut out for investigation work
    hope this helps

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  12. Tankegg, who provided the course mate? Any links?
  13. Hi,
    I gained 3 proper qualifications, and have written about 250 letters to insurance companies and solicitors, I did 3 jobs for one solicitor who, to date has only paid me for one. There is work out there but all the insurance companies are doing it 'in house' and the solicitors are using private investigators when they are not doing it themselves. All my course colleagus are in a similar position re finding work.
    I'm not looking for the easy life, I'm just trying to help others to save a lot of unneccesary expense and time. I spent over £4000.00 pounds setting all this up, and since January I have earned £500,00, So I do know what I'm talking about.
  14. This is the sort of work that I do. I earn about 30k a year which is a decent wage but I hate the job! I get 22 year old trainee solicitors talikng to me like im a piece of sh*t and once your in there is no clear path for career progression if like me you work for a solicitor. Seriously from someone who has been doing this work for the past 2 year, dont bother!

    Anyone wants to ask me anymore questions about this then please feel free to PM.