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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Doublebadged, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Some time ago when I thought I was for the chop I looked at doing the accident course with a firm in Newark called AMALGAM. They offered a taster day so i went along . Great train with them and and a job at the end. I was all set if I got the chop. Did the course no job at the end no nothing they stopped answering my calls a week after i finished the course. I didn't get the chop but I saw another advert for a training course in newark and thought that looks like them lot but with a different name. Checked it out and the same lot even the same WO1 telling how great they were. Apparently Amalgam lost their ELCAS so they all moved over to a new company selling the same old course. Hey and check out the awarding body - let me know what you find out
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  2. I remember seeing the advert and I think I checked their website out. I recall that they stated that while they could not guarantee longer term employment, they would get an introduction to one of the key industry players.

    Are we to understand from your post that you did the whole course but that once they had taken your money no further work resulted? If so, was the course any good?
  3. The awarding body is owned by the wife of the owner of ALM TRAINING aka AMALGAM TRAINING aka R.M.H TRAINING.

    Amalgam Training lost their ELCAS as they led the MoD to believe that a previously dissolved company ALM TRAINING had rebranded.

    A member of the public informed the MoD who apparently investigated them but did nothing until they were advised that there was a negative entry at Companies House against the company.
  4. This sort of thing is not unusual, it seems to occur across many trades, A friend of mine works as a carer long term, the Lad she looked after for 5 years needed more intensive care in a unit rather than in his home
    my friend saw agencies advertising for staff and one of them said you need to enrol on our one week course cost around 700 quid
    so she enrols, drives up to wales, the first day confusion reigns, and when she gets to the accomodation no food or drink as promised, so her and the other girls go out and buy food, the next day the course is a bit vague and the course Tutor keeps taking phone calls!!
    at end of course a certificate is produced after many more phone calls
    result no work ??
    she is not in the first flush of youth so it was a lot of money to lose
    she rang another agency who said you need our three day course,
    how much does it cost ??
    nothing. just sort out your food and accomodation if you are not local
    she is local does the course and since then has been in work full time
    also heard about companies training you to be a sparkie or plumber ??
    they seem to target forces personnel, and ex police
    its a crying shame that they can take you money with a false promise
  5. I agree Joshua but, particularly bad when the MoD continues to endorse this course at a cost of £3,000.00.
  6. Holy Cow
    thats a fair portion of your redundancy money
    perhaps a letter to Watchdog ?
  7. Letters to numerous organisations, the MoD in particular, have fallen on deaf ears.

    I paid for it as a private individual.
  8. I paid for this course and they never profess to guarantee you work but provide you with work providers, then it is up to the individual. I qualified in 2012 with them and never looked back, the course is very relevant albeit expensive but for a fee of £3200 I now earn in excess of £20k for part time hours
  9. Standard guidance from Trading Standards is adverts about 'pay for and take our course and we will get you work' should normally be treated with suspicion.
    RoSPA and other nationally-recognised organisations offer courses at a much lower rate yet carry unchallengeable accreditation. Getting work subsequently is up to the individual, but there is plenty of insurance work out there.