Accident Insurance whilst Deployed ( Trinity )

Any TA / Reserve guys being mobilised soon for any sort of operation through Chilwell, be it Telic, Fingal, Oculus.
I would advise anyone not to take out the Trinity Insurance package as its not upto much at all. you sign up just before
you deploy and then when the policy comes through and you find out how bad it is you are already in theatre.
Basically the stumbling block is that they class you as TA / Reserve even though you are not at the time of deployment,
thus only paying out around 10% of the insured total, its a rip off guys, beware. I have even asked that if this is the case then
why dont TA / Reservists only pay 10% of the premium but after two years i still cannot receive an answer to that question.
It just seems they are quite happy to take your money, dont know how your loved ones would feel about this if you came home in a box.
Lets hope they would pay out in full under those cicumstances.
Has anyone else had difficulties with this Insurer..............?
PAX is pretty good, they do exactly what it says on the tin.........!!!!!!
i remember asking the same questions and getting the same answers. the guy selling it couldnt answer me either

problem being we are not TA at the time we deploy so we should get the same payout as anyone else. the insurers still believe we are TA on deployment. someone needs to put them straight
Out of interest Grey man why didn't you get PAX?

PAX is the mutts and the MRS is onside. Never heard of a problem with it
Am in agreement with you, Trinity offered a 3 month free cover whilst completing phase 2, the lads were given a presentation by Trinity at Larkhill, think most of them took it, had the misfortune to find out how poor it is. Will never know why PAX wasn't offered or taken out
But why are these companies allowed/encouraged to sell fairly c--p policies to recruits?
I took out both PAX and Trinity thats why i said " PAX does what it says on the tin " i had no trouble with PAX what so ever and i encourage all that are deployed to take out cover with PAX, the trouble with PAX and why they are not pushing it at chilwell is that it does not kick in, the policy that is until 6 months, but i got around that one and took out the policy well before i deployed so in effect the policy kicked in mid way through my tour which was lucky for me. The example from Trinity on pay outs, given to me was that a Regular on Medical discharge will receive £12,800 and TA / Reserve would receive £1,200 thats how bad this is in terms of payout.......I just want all people being deployed to know what they are letting themselves in for, before its too late. The trouble is the Army are selling this crap product on their behalf at chilwell and most if not all take it out as they have not had the time before mobilisation to take out good cover. Its a pitfall that i dont want people to fall into.
I had the kit insurance from trinity about 5 years ago as well paid them bout £20 a Month for my kit & laptop in first year after having bought new laptop i dropped said latop phoned trinity up got new said laptop but at end of year refused to insure me again sent me a pritty snotty letter about too, even though i was willing ot pay & expeected my premium to go up they where a nightmare to deal with as well must of spent a fortune on the phone trying ot sort them out not good.

any body got any ideas for good kit insurance at the mo
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