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I wake up this morning to the first thought that today is the funeral of a friend whom I never met directly but whose death has affected me greatly. I’m far from alone in that.

Kris, Supermatelot, was a lovely guy and one of this Forum’s consistently more insightful and humorous posters. It’s not a cliche to say that he will be greatly missed.

I promised that I would look into lists and contact details of Services and Veterans-related charities.

As mentioned in the Supermatelot thread, the NHS launched Op COURAGE specifically aimed at Services veterans. Details here:

NHS England » NHS launches ‘Op Courage’ veterans’ mental health service

Another good starting point for those with dealing with issues of all kinds is COBSEO, the Confederation of Service Charities. Details here:

Cobseo - The Confederation of Service Charities

Between the two of these, there are some links in terms of accessing help of all kinds. That’s for those who’ve served and also their dependents.

I had a discussion about Kris’s death with Small Brown Privates, who made a rather poignant observation: often, the suicide of one individual triggers those of others. There seems to be a tipping-point in the sense that one individual taking his/her own life makes others feel that it is ‘okay’ to stop trying and check out themselves.

We’re potentially in a risk period amongst some ARRSErs, therefore, and this needs saying:

If you are struggling, make it known whether it be to someone close, someone more anonymous on here (or any other forum), or through one of the organisations listed above. There is help available and there are people willing to help on a formal or informal, professional or personal basis.

I hope this post is useful and worth pinning - MODs, please action as appropriate.

One is too many. Kris, fair winds and full sails, lad.

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