Accessing BBC iPlayer from Overseas

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bullshit, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    anybody managed this? I guess the secret is to use a good UK proxy server but so far I have unsuccessful at this.
  2. Nope, never been able to despite trying numerous proxies.
    Thinking of setting up a Slingbox at a mate's house.
  3. found a company ( that offers a VPN tunnel originating from the UK so in theory should work, but issue is they offer no free tria and want 32 quid right up. Too risky I think.
  4. Only thing with a sling box is that is also changes the channel though doesn't it? Not sure my Dad would be impressed with that...
  5. only changes if u have the ir sender plugged in
  6. I use 'Banana VPN' to access it from the Middle East. With Banana you can choose a VPN from either UK or US as your primary but can accees both so you can also take advantage of ant decent US programs too.
  7. $15 per month though. I'd rather the BBC establish a method whereby expats couold pay the License Fee to receive UK programming via the web/iplayer.
  8. True, however living in this part of the world a reliable VPN is essential!!
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  9. I just tried which had a 1 day trial on it. Costs 150 euro PA which tight arrsed me dont wanna pay and more so want to overcome this in a technical way. UK telly was really good, but is basically a VPN tunnel to a server in the UK. Anybody know of any good Proxy servers in blighty?

    I used proxies from this site and fooled the bugger though some of the connections seemed a bit on the slow side. But that could also have been my (shite) internet connection with Orange (at the time).

    And then I thought to myself: Why the fcuk am I bothering as I've got it on the satellite? There isn't that much on the Beeb I want to see in the first place let alone again.
  11. Apparently it is the copyright issues concerning non-BBC made content that is the problem. To save money, al-Beeb will often just buy the rights to broadcast (and web-cast) in the UK and the programmes will be re-sold for broadcast in other locations. So, good idea though it was, your suggestion won't happen so you are back to proxies or the wonderful selection on BFBS (if serving and in theatre or Germany.)
  12. Just signed up for UKiVPN and ... IT WORKS. Perfectly.

    £60 for 12 months (or £7 monthly) is about half the price of the others I looked at. It came with instructions for XP / Mac and Vista (and iPhone /iTouch if you have one). Also has a point-and-click installer for XP/Vista. Took about 2 minutes to set up. And now I can see iPlayer, Zattoo and the C4/ITV catch up services.

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  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    zenmate via chrome. free and lets you set your ip to pretty much anywhere.
  14. As does Hola better internet extension - free