Access to my Z-type

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Stinky, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. Whats the rules on my room being entered while i'm not there? Because just before Easter leave my Plt Sgt and colour boy went into my room when I was in out of the country, found it not to their high standards, and agaied me, kindly on the first Friday back to work. Are they allowed to do this because they knew I wasnt there.
  2. USE THE ******* SEARCH FUNCTION or keep your ******* room clean you grotty hobbit! :)
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  3. It's not your room.
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  4. Living up to your user name are you?
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  5. No wonder you're called Stinky!
  6. Stinky, I bet you wish you'd never asked, don't you.
  7. Hope nothing went missing in your absence?
  8. which is why 2 people enter the room

    Are you serving? Every tom knows that....
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  9. Have a read of this......btw, they're called 'Standards', you minger.
  10. So just what did they find?

    Was it bottle's of piss?

    Sheets so spunk encrusted that you have to break them with a toffee hammer first to get a good nights sleep?
  11. How would you describe the state of the room?

    Are you a renowned reesty ****** and they new that they would be able to ping you.

    Why did you fvck off and leave your room in honk order?

    All more relevant questions, will we get answers?
  12. I stole the Guardroom bell on my class 1. I chucked it under my bed.

    At lunch break there was a little love-note on my pillow saying "report to the razzman." Low and behold the bell had gone.

    I took the bell back to the guardroom, gave it to the duty screw. Thankfully nothing more was said, and I got no punishment, as I'm a good egg.
  13. I'd rather keep info to the min to avoid indentifing myself, knowing my luck my plt sgt is probably reading this and would love to educate me about ticking on the interweb. After further research i've found anyone entering a room needs permission from the QM (apprently) says the RMPs. I'm just on a major ticking session at the moment.
  14. Presumably the inspection was part of the standard pre-stand down routine and published on Part Ones? I'd have thought you wouldn't have a leg to stand on.