Access to DII

Is access to DII only available through DII terminals. We have been asked to keep a check on various documents relating to our work, but they are on DII and we only have regular civyy internet. Any advice/contacts, etc, welcome
Salvation Army Red Shield in BFG - we have been asked to check various SHEF documnetation on DII. Not important in the big scheme I grant you, but we've been asked to do it and obviously can't
I'm afraid that you cannot access DII from the Internet; I would suggest you speak to someone locally who can access it for you, and although strictly speaking you shouldn't be allowed access to the system, someone might show some common sense and let you peer over their shoulder.

Best of luck. If you don't get anywhere PM me and I'll see if I can help further.
The vast amount of SHEF documents are open source and shouldnt be protectively marked. If you have a reasonable reason to have access to the document (you may be housed in MOD accommodation and have to abide by local SHEF policy which is stored on DII), you should contact the local SHEF rep and request copies of the documents. No need for sholder peering or cloak and dagger stuff just ask for what you need with a reasonable justification for a copy of the document.
If you have only got access through Civvie internet then it may be worth then it may be worth logging on to or both of these sites gives you the ability to search policies that are in the open domain.
The SHEF Doc is more than likely on the Defence intranet and there for can be accessed by any defence network system and not just DII.
DII systems can be Contacted through Service Point Of Contact(spoc) again armynet will have a civilian contact number, email ect....

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