Access denied to Ebay - German Militaria

Is it just me, or is access demied to UK IP's on Ebay , for German WW2 Militaria?

Just been trying to look at a 109 cockpit on auction, and got the "It's too disturbing for you to see" message.

Anyone else having the same drama?
Some interesting stuff - they are offering a "genuine piece of Hitler's chair from the bunker"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this sort of thing is filtered at work but no problem now. No 109 cockpit though when I searched German militaria
PartTimePongo said:
Is it just me, or is access demied to UK IP's on Ebay , for German WW2 Militaria?

Just been trying to look at a 109 cockpit on auction, and got the "It's too disturbing for you to see" message.

Anyone else having the same drama?
I found two items on Ebay for ME 109 cockpit (both photos) being advertised from Germany.
You do not say where you ISP is, Remember that buying and selling items of Nazis Germany is illegal
in some places (France for example) That may be blocking you.
You may find that using a different browser will do the trick. Whilst trying out Safari I found that Ebay blocked access to almost everything military.
Ah yes...

95% of German militaria on E-ban is fake bollox anyway. Not everything is banned though, photos are the best things to look for on German e-bay although be warned that prices go ballistic for rare and desirable albums\photos, and they're faked too (by which i mean modern prints made to try and look like unique wartime original prints).

If you're looking for online Third Reich German militaria auctions then is the best place (it's down at the moment for new software and stuff. Supposed to be back up in a few days) . Again however, a very significant amount of what's on offer is fake\repro so don't go looking for that nice Fallschirmjäger jump badge unless you really know what you're doing.
Damn, now I wish I'd bought some of the stuff that used to appear on stalls at the byelorussian border market back in the very early 90's. A fair amount of Badges recovered from battlefields , watches and cutlery , wound and tank medals , more Dirks and Daggers than you could shake a stick at , and some incredibly unstable looking recovered and cleaned ammunition.

Those were the days

Mind you, some of this stuff is still turning up in Poland, but now it has Western price tags . :(
Take a dim view of that stuff PTP. The baskets used to go field grave robbing or simply throw away any bones found in dug trenches. Especially the personal items often came from corpses.
Some groups report human remains. Others don't and flog their finds.
You are correct CDO .

Amongst the items on sale on some stalls, were cloth patches that have obviously come from uniforms. Since the middle 90's , both the Poles and the Russians have tried to regulate how Military archaeology is conducted.

I know the Russians have taken it seriously, with "Military Archaeology Student Pioneers" being organised. These are composed of youg men and women, and Veterans , who will recover, mark and map the battlefields of the former USSR . Funding of course comes from a central comittee and public subscription , but when there are American and European collectors paying top dollar , the scum will invariably be there to rob the remains before the official recovery groups can get there. There has been a lot of grave robbing in the Baltic states. Frequently German remains were simply tossed to one side.

There are a lot of Russian Military archaeology sites now , and it's easy to tell the scum from the pioneers.

The Pioneers have lots of photos of their activities , and their obvious pride in their work recovering both Russian and German remains for identity and interrment.

The scum take Visa on the website. Not all sites that sell Militaria are scum, some are licencesed and carefully controlled.

Contrary to what some collectors here in the West think , it is ILLEGAL , to import historic antiquities from the former Soviet and and WarPac states ,without a licence and has been for some time.

Ironically, the law was first implemented to stop the trade in stolen icons.
when I was out in Eastern Europe I bought a bit of memorabilia, mainly russian medals. I bought these, and not the 1914 Iron Cross that i saw there, because I guessed that most of the German (or facist stuff as they called it) would have been pulled out of some poor sods grave.
This might help.

"Further, eBay will remove any listing and suspend the users involved where it appears that a person convicted of a violent felony is attempting to use eBay (directly or through another person) to benefit financially from his or her criminal notoriety. eBay will review listings that are brought to its attention by its world wide community, and will look at the entire listing to determine whether it falls within this rule.

Examples of items that will generally be removed:

Items that bear symbols of the Nazis, the SS, or the KKK, including authentic German WWII memorabilia that bears such marks, whether visible or covered.
Crime scene photographs
Morgue shots
Letters and artwork from notorious murderers
Electric chairs and related capital punishment items
Examples of items that may generally be listed:
German coins and stamps from the WWII era regardless of markings
WWII memorabilia that does not bear the Nazi or SS markings
Books and movies about WWII or Nazi Germany, even if the Nazi symbol appears on the item.
War documentaries or documentary photos portraying victims of war or violence
Items of historical importance associated with acts of violence against public figures."

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