access denied app not working

Trying to log on with Android app. Won't work. Logging on with phone browser. ..lets me go to profile but not direct. Don't think ive done anything to be banned. Can you have a look to see what is going on please.
Sussed it.

The CO's have done something with the settings so invisible mode will cause problems when using your phone.

Used desktop to alter my profile out of invisible mode and now the app and phone browser works fine.


I tried to log on with app, 5 mins ago, access denied. I then tried laptop, same result. Phone Browser, same result.
Logged onto both Navy_net & Rear Pary with no problems.
Can get on with laptop now but no access Andriod app, on a Nexus4.
Edit to add, same as pebbles I can use phone browser OK now


Now on laptop I had to enter extra security to prove I was human!
I think this is a side effect of a system I've been trialing to reduce spam. Should now be OK again.


Over the last month our spam 'bot' registrations had risen to 100s per day. I therefore trialed a system which filters traffic before it arrives at our server and tries to block spam bots, and it has been fairly successful. This morning I tried increasing it's security level and it clearly now views some people's mobile phone aps as potential bots. I've wound it back down a bit again.
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