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Afternoon all,

I was hoping that someone can answer this, as I've been scouring the DINs and found them to be fairly ambiguous.
I'm looking to leave the Army at some stage in the next 12 months with a view to going back to full-time education.
As my GCSE/A-level results were fairly pedestrian, I'm attending an Access course prior to applying to university.

Having read through the FE/HE support DIN, I'm fairly hopeful that I'll be able to claim for the full cost of my tuition,
at the expense of my remaining one ELC 'spend'. However, there's a sentence in the eligibility criteria list that worries
me slightly, which states that I should;

'Only apply for a first eligible FE/HE qualification at the level for which they are academically qualified to enter learning
on leaving the Service.'

Does this mean that the MoD will only fund the Access course, or am I in fact eligible for funding for my undergraduate
course? I meet all the remaining eligibility criteria, but as I said, this particular one has me worried, as I'm not
qualified to attend the degree course until I finish the Access course.

Any advice gratefully received,

You need to speak to your IERO

However, I beileve you need to fund the Access course yourself THEN use your ELC for the degree course

Thanks for the reply, I was fortunate enough to bump into a resettlement officer the other day who confirms what you say. For those interested in pursuing a similar
route; the Access course doesn't count as a formal qualification, despite it affording you entry to Higher Education. So, as Codger says, you fund the Access course
yourself (you can use ELC, if the college/University is an approved provider), then use the FE/HE support scheme to fund your tuition.

Thanks again!

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