Accepting Long Distance Relationships?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Neil88, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Hey, I've only recently signed up about 6months ago and was single when joining up. Theres now a girl who I have been mates with for years but over my xmas leave our relationship has gone abit further. Obviously with been her friend for a long time i have strong feelings for her... but I dont live here in Leeds no more, and thats a big problem for her. She isnt willing to start anything with me being in the army. Has anyone had to deal with this before, what factors could I bring up to make her change her mind?

    Would be grateful for help. Thanks
  2. How strong are your feelings?, you could skin her alive and take her skin back with you applying E45 cream/range glue to keep her pelt moist.

    It would save you a fortune on phone calls and train fare.

    Alternativly post her details and we will take it in turns to make "Welfare" type calls in your absence.

    Hope this helps your long distance dilema
  3. Just confirm you want your post to stay here in the NAAFI or would you like it moving to a more 'receptive' audience? If it stays in here, I'll give it five minutes until the first 'spread her open with a trolley jack and flood her dung trumpet with a pint of man fat' is posted.

    Edited to say; Too late, Harry was quicker off the mark than a jazzed up Nova.
  4. PVR... no in-fact, just go AWOL, its the only way.
  5. Where would it be better off? (The topic)
  6. Dear Dierdre maybe?
  7. The forum entitled 'The Other Half' perhaps?
  8. Oh Okay, How do I move it?
  9. Help?
    You are having a larrff!
    Are'nt you?
    Within 24 hours, you will have been introduced to every form of sexual deviance and anti-social behaviour known to man.
    And that includes the use of small rodents during foreplay..........................
  10. Neil,

    Ditch her and enjoy 22 years of indiscriminate, no strings attached sex and debauchery. Tis what the army is for. Also, see how many STD's you can contract in your first 3 years abroad. Warts are nasty, but liquid nitrogen is fun. Enjoy.
  11. Mag to grid her and enjoy yourself! Women need reminding occasionally that their main role in life is frying eggs and fcukin'!
  12. Ive moved it for you Neil. The rest of you, behave. Its in a 'sensible' place now, back to frotting and **** perversions with you.
  13. Why not marry her, move into a quarter in Fallingbostel then fcuk off to eyerack for 6 months. It's not unheard of.
  14. My bezzer was in a similar situation. Mates with a lass they got together he was coming home every weekend too see her they got married 6 months later. You have to ask yourself are you willing to put the effort in?
  15. I am yeah, she aint too keen on it though. With things like ex and ops, and possibly going to Germany in a month.