Acceptable behaviour in a supermarket?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sallyanne09, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Whilst in Sainsbugs (other supermarkets are available) doing the tedious job of the monthly shop I was aurally assaulted by various brats of varying sizes throwing wobblies and demanding attention/sweeties/toys from parents.

    One little t*at..... oops sorry, darling was bellowing at the top of it's high pitched voice that unless it received what it wanted he was going to "piss and my pants and make you sorry". The Mother smiled and put the toy in the trolly. An older lady passing by tut tutted and the Mother of said brat said (I kid you not) "Don't tut at him it will enforce his bad behaviour. He is only expressing himself the only way he knows how"

    Now. I can honestly say that the Son and Heir threw one hissy fit whilst in a supermarket. He was dispatched under my arm, leaving the full trolly behind. Put in the car and we went home. No discussion. No 'expressing himself'. Out and home. He did not get his fave dinner that night and it was explained to him that through his actions he had to accept the consequences.

    So, fellow ARRSE'rs, what would be your solution be to badly behaved brats in a supermarket? And what did you do when your little cherubs did so?
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  2. Isn't it usual to let the little cherubs scream the place down covered in snot, driving us all round the bend? You might try taking them to the fat bangers on the service desks. Those headsets and uniforms, even the comedy haircuts should do the job.
  3. no hard fast rules regarding brats acting the maggot in public
    usually dish out some form of punishment at home
    strange though...they never act up when im around
    only when the wife is with them
    i think mums are long on threat and short on punishment
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  4. My kids were little darlings, so no problems there. Of course, rather than drag them round bored shitless, they were sent off to find the next item on the shopping list. Cut the shopping time by a quarter, so a bonus for all.

    Though maybe the staff at the deli and butchery got a bit pissed off when the kids were getting sent for stuff one item at a time... loved it though, acting grown up and all that. Obviously, you've got to be within earshot when they're ordering stuff - son was quite adamant that he wanted 300g of haslet (just as he'd been sent for), not 310g.

    As for other kids, I'd quite happily strangle the bloody lot - and the parents.
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  5. Exactly putteesinmyhands.

    That's what we used to do too. Engage them and make them part of the shopping trip - not confined to the tolley and bored witless.
  6. Take a sock, put a small tin in it and batter the **** out of the little turd.
    That Dr. Spock bloke said it works, trust me...
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  7. Set phasers to chastise.

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  8. Oh the joys of shopping when rug rats are on the loose, NOT ! The tut tut's I have witnessed never work, they just challenge the parent and get their noses out of joint.

    Here are a few things that try them :)
    1) The death stare...this is a winner :) The kid will think your'e Chucky reincarnated. Brats can't take it :)
    2) The trolley shunt. Well lets face it little things even if they are loud are hard to see!...edited to add, make sure cameras aren't about and do wear thick glasses :)
    3) Look incredibly sympathetic and make the ' must be a bad case of aspergers' remark! (best when out shopping with another person)

    Finally, tasers anyone ? lol

    Edited to add kids will be kids, the pitty is some parents chose not to act on bad behaviour, the vast majority in my experience do, a quick telling off and they are fine, unless their on meds and/or sugared up.
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I always left mine at home. As for others; definitely the death stare, faux chummy comment or, in severe cases, accidental ramming with the sharp edge of the trolley. This is mostly in my febrile imagination, of course.
  10. Death stare, firm grip on wrist and hissed words directly into ear "do not make the mistake of thinking I won't smack you in public". Then no interaction unless absolutely required until a whispered "sorry Mummy" was heard.
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  11. Minor details, my bugbear is coffin dodgers. Why the **** do they have hobble around the aisles at 0 mph on fridays and saturdays clogging the place up??? They have got all week to get their rations,and they spend all day counting their small change out the checkout and stink the place out with the smell of piss (got that in common with aforementioned brats at least).
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  12. Teach by example.

  13. Better still.

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  14. Have I accidentally stumbled into Mumsnet?

    A swift clip round the ear, after final warning, was SOP for general spoilt brat behaviourwhen I was a lad.
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  15. The mother has done more to 'enforce his bad behaviour' than a tut will ever do. The little sh1t now knows that such a threat works, and will continue to 'bully' the mother to get his way.

    I'd have let him p1ss himself then rubbed his nose in it.

    But this story doesn't have just one person who is 'off course'...

    sallyanny, internet shop dear. Sainsbury's deliver for free on tues, weds and thurs on orders over 100 which I'll assume a monthly shop will easily get over. It's for winners.

    We do a monthly big shop, in that way can't praise it enough.