Acceptable amount of press ups as you start phase 1?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Hello, i start phase 1 on january 14th. I can currently do about 25 press ups in one go, is this an ok standard for phase 1 at the moment bearing in mind i will be doing them for the next 2 months and should be doing 40 in one go just before i start
  2. 46.

    Do 3 sets of 15, then an extra one for the Queen.
  3. In 2 minutes. That's one every 2.6 seconds. Or, bang out sets and rest in between. Personally, I find it easier to just pop out 46 in a one-er and then try to get in as many extra as I can until the PTI says 'stand up, you've failed for doing it wrong'.
  4. i thought it was 42 in 2 mins and 80 sit up... or could be 60...
  5. No thats wrong. It is 44 sit ups in 2 mins and 50 sit ups, those are the minimum standards, im guessing you might get them after phase 2? Ps, them amounts are for under 30's
  6. well i can push out 50 in two mins but that is my best effort and not sure if ill be able to do it after running a mile and half as well as doing the amount off sit ups needed as well although i am not worried about my adominal strength and i got a month today before i go...
  7. You do your press up's and sit up's before the run!

    I find the best tactic is to do as many press up's as possible in one go and then break them down into sets of five from then on. I normally manage to bang out at least 60 quality prsee up's in one go and I am 38!!! :strong:
  8. Don't worry! You are well on the way to beating most of the others that will be in the gym with you on the day. Just keep at it.
  9. FYI: everyone focuses on the press-ups and completely forget the sit-ups.

    Remember: your DS are looking for general improvement make sure you've covered all the bases and not left too much work in one narrow area of phiz
  10. Good advice!
  11. im in phase and the lasses can do 7 press up and are on course 2 pass out still lol
  12. ***shaking my head in dissapointment****
  13. Well do some more weight orientated work to build up the amount you can do.

    Not that i'm a professional or anything, but I can do 40 quite easily, and i'm pretty sure that when you get beasted, you'll end up doing more press ups than that. It's obviously gonna be a gradual process, but here's a suggestion :)

    Do your maximum number of press ups in 1 minute.

    Every day, do 1/3 of the maximum 3 times.

    After each week, re-do your maximum timed number, and progress like that. Straight posture, ass down, don't stop cause you probably won't get good from the rest :p

    That's about it mate, try some other work also, EG. Dips to work on your triceps as you use virtually your whole arm in the press up process mate. I used to be able to manage like 12 and die haha. A bit of fitness goes a long way.
  14. The standard penance in basic training for any small sin, omission, transgression or failure to tell the NCO an amusing joke on command was 50 press ups. :lol:

    Expect to be doing press ups several times a day. The ones performed in full kit in a stream at Otterburn are a particularly happy memory.
    Don't make your mistakes in a field with cow pats either :wink:

    You will be doing yourself a favour if you can do 50 press ups before you start training. Try some handstand press ups as well. The push up bars from Argos are a good investment too.
  15. By alternating the width of your hands you can target specific muscles and build overall strength. For example, if you bring your hands under your chest with thumbs touching, you will isolate your triceps. If you do wide arm press up's you will put more emphasis on your delts and lats.