Accentuate the positive! Killimanjaro Aug 2010.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by tom_dkg, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. Just a shot here of this August's Killimanjaro project organised by some recent Cadets.

    As part of his activities Okky Bear, Supporter of all Cadet Activities, Bear For Awareness of Good Charities, Travelling Bear who goes Wherever Cadets Dare, Bear about Town, and International Play Bear! (he wishes!), was there!

    He is not a fundraiser as such, but a supporter of those who do, and if cadets are doing something for a good cause, he likes to be there!

    For anyone doesn't know, and has entered this bit of ARRSE, perhaps in error, is the prime unofficial internet site for Cadet activities, mostly ACF but, like these guys above, also CCF, SCC, RMC and well open to all the sometimes bone, repetitive or timewasting questions asked by young people about the cadet forces, or just thinking on entry; so don't get too angry on youngsters asking the same old questions on the wrong bit of ARRSE, divert them to our dot com!

    (All too common NAAFI comments from the few on here who seem fixated in their own minds on abuse of kids not welcome here (or for that matter in the cadet forces !), try it on the ones above if you are man enough, or feck off :)

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