I've spent the last few days working with Portuguese. Listening to them talk, I can't get away from the image of someone talking Spanish, in a Ukrainian accent, with a cock in their mouth. Somehow it makes my teeth grate.

On the other hand; i find it impossible to be angry at someone talking with an Irish accent.

Anyone have any preference for best or worst accent?


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Jarrod is going to knack you
popcorn and beer anyone


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@jarrod248 of the Thread Clean-Up Crew to Aisle 7 please. That's Jarrod to Aisle 7, thank you!

Edit.. Too fucking late.
My accents wicked, you ask @The_Snail and @Offendi thinks I sound like Andy McNab - which admittedly is rather disturbing.
For a bit of a laugh, check out out Chewing the Fat Star Trek in a Dundee accent on you tube. Dont know how to do the linky thing yet. bit of a keyboard mong still.

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