Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Scotch-Pie, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. just watched an army programme on the roger melly and the trouble and strife asked " Do all officers come from the same place cos they all speak funny were do they come from" priceless!
  2. I suppose, genetically, that apart from LEs they do all come from the same place! A genealogists dream, as the family tree is more or less a straight line!

    Keeping the gene pool pure does have its drawbacks however, and this manifests in bizarre facial features, poor temperament and speech impediments, such as sounding like one has a plum in ones mouth.
  3. my bold
    damp patch more like
  4. Gene damp patch sounds a tad clumsy though! And gene moistness sounds rude.
  5. Surely, in some long winded way, some of us have resulted from a peice of Jean's Moistness?
  6. "Nigel is not outspoken
    But he likes to speak
    And loves to be spoken to
    Nigel is happy in his work"

    If the officers are nicely spoken, with a received English pronunciation, then that has got to be good from a communication point of view? I personally speak a sort of hybrid polite Anglo-Scot dialect with ten years of being married to a Fenian affecting certain figures of speech ("feck" "so it is" et cetera). I certainly wouldn't say I have a plum in my mouth although I did take a Silver Medal in Elocution (1979). Perhaps that was why as an OR they made me section signaller?
  7. Why is jealousy green?
  8. ?
  9. ...........not since they started letting mediocre comprehensive school types in - mess has never been the same since, and now full of Regional Accent Fusiliers.
  10. ? is not a proper reply or answer to the question, which was supposed to suggest that this thread appears to be set upon knocking the fact that most officers (including LEs) are reasonable well spoken and by and large accentless (in terms of regional twang). It is not a bad thing, anymore than having a regional accent is.
  11. Couldn't agree more Pom. Regional accents, training shoes and canvas trousers appearing in the public rooms. D'you know, some of them are actually lobbying for a fruit machine in the bar? Bar? Ha! It all went downhill since we allowed one of those in the Mess.

    And I saw a bottle - a bottle! - of red sauce in the dining room the other day. Gad!
  12. ? back at you, old chap!

    I didn't just pick up on eloquence or otherwise, but I also picked up on other "attributes".
  13. The Mess I am currently a member of has a number of faults, I shall list but a few;

    1. There is a cigarette machine.
    2. Lunch is eaten either on ones lap or outside on garden furniture.
    3. "Sauce" etc comes in sachets.
    4. Coffee is DIY and instant.
    5. One must pay "cash" for both food and drinks.
    6. It's shared with Engineers - the off shoots of that fact alone could create its own thread! But;
    7. There is a swimming pool!!
  14. Don't mind what accent an officer has, just hope that is is capable of doing his job without being pompus about it.
  15. Doesn't sound like a Mess at all. Are you sure you haven't joined a Happy Eater by mistake, Oz?