Accelerated Incremental Progression

Can someone tell me how AIP works if you attain class one status when at the top of a payscale? I recently completed trade course that results in class one and fullscrew, but class one is always transmitted before promotion, so will i ever get a payrise for class one?
If you are at the top of the payscale... that is it.

You are at the top. You go no higher, regardless of AIP or extra years.

No payrise for you until you are promoted, where you will join the scale about mid way up.

Yes, it is shit, but that's life.
i have been promoted so i go in at level 3. i was wondering if i went up to level 4 for my class 1, as i thought everyone had to receive a payrise for acheiving class 1 status?
As the previous post implies, when on the top increment for any given rank, that is it. The application for AIP would / should be rejected as you've nothing to move up to!
Consider it an incentive for promotion to Sergeant!? LOL!

Out of interest, could you explain that whole 'Class I, II & III' thing to an Air Force-Type, in the RGN context? Many thanks.
There isnt a real system, i think you are class 3 through the 1st year of trg, class 2 comes automatically in yr2, class 1 comes through with promotion at the end of trg, you dont have to do anything for it, unlike almost every other trade in the army.

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