Accelerated Freefall Course

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Quincy, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Im looking at joining the army and am currently awaiting a selection date. My question is, if i do join the army would i have the opportunities to gain skydiving qualifications? Ive been on a few jumps so far and its soemthing id really like to take up on a more regular basis.
  2. There are opportunities to do the AFF. The Royal Artillery do at least one AFF Cse a year, and I am sure other Corps do as well.
  3. Sew your wings on and get your papers in for 49 Para, There basic training includes the normal CMSR and then MFF/HALO/HAHO plus your tandem master ticket all done over a long weekend at there Crinkley Bottom DZ. A sky god like yourself will be an asset to there elite orbat.

    Blue Skies and good luck with your quest.
  4. The RE normally do two expeds to California a year with very good rates for an AFF course c/w the weather and travel as an added bonus. There are also chances to do an AFF course at a JSPC in UK or Germany although the weather can't be as certain.

    Let's just say, if you are willing to pay and are keen, the oppertunities are there for you to take.
  5. According to the latest figures for AFF take-up, there are stacks of places going begging.

    Something to do with being thrashed on ops, I believe...
  6. Well if you aren't on Ops, I'm sure that trade trg and career courses sort of take priority over adventure trg, at least that is what the units want. Then they stand there all surprised when someone mentions a retention problem? Hard to figure really isn't it?

    Funny how what good adventure trg courses or expeds there are, seem to be very top heavy with Pot Officers, 2nd Lt and Lt ranks eh? Got to get them keen on an army career haven't you?

  7. I believe JSPC Netheravon is still in operation, and there was an Army-owned gliding club at RAF Odiham that had very few serving members.

  8. You'll have no problem in doing AFF courses, but not straight away.

    I've done 2378 jumps and was an instructor brfore being medically unable to further my pursuit.

    Good luck.
  9. How do you accelerate in Free fall, carry an anvil, Looney Tunes Stylee? :D

    I'll get me coat
  10. Better still... pass P Company, put your wings up, crack Pathfinder selection or go up the road to H, and then it does not cost you a single penny - in fact The Queen (Bless Her) pays you extra to go freefalling... and they call it work?