ACC Pie-Company, anyone passed it?

Pie-Company, hardest course in the British Army?

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Reading all the youngsters' posts about P-Company made me go all nostalgic.

Yes, back in those days I could easily make 10 pies in 1 hour 50, even the dreaded 'kneading' was no problem for me.

I'd been training for years, a life-long aversion to exercise, a 30-a-day habit (untipped, Players Weights), and an almost obsessive love of chips made it easy for me.

Unfortunately though, the 'Soufflésium' was my downfall.......

So I never got my chef's hat, and thus a lifetime of stagging-on ensued.

Anyone else feel like sharing their tales of Pie-Coy?

As an aside, in these days of Sodhexo and PAYD, is there still such a thing as Pie-Company?

Even though the slop jockeys are there for our ridicule and derision, I take my hat off to anyone who does it. I bloody wouldnt. Its a thankless life but I'd have army sloppo's over sodhexo and aramark civvi tossers any day. We dont have PAYD at our unit yet and having just come from a PAYD unit, IMHO the normal non payd unit is by far the best.
I tip my hat to all but a few ACC (andy capp commandos, aldershot concrete company) veterans.

I whinged at the time but all is forgiven and yer bacon banjos on the goldgrund in Sennelager were excellent!
I like chefs

I love pies

ACC my first heart attack is dedicated to you


The milling was particularly difficult. For the uninitiated, this involved two bareknuckle aspiring chefs entering the gladiatorial arena where they were set on to bash the crap out of various cereals, wheat, maize, rye etc........using only their bare fists and any rocks that happened to be lying about. They would then be awarded a pass or fail based on aggression and ruthlessness and also the quality of the bread that they were subsequently required to bake using the producs of their milling.


I look like i have eaten all the pies!!!


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More pepper

polar69 said:
More pepper


that looks like roy cropper off corrie

at least it would if i watched corrie erm.... scarper :cyclopsani:
Was it Pie Company where the ACC were taught oriental cuisine, taking "sweet and sour" and applying their own versions of this: "burnt and raw" "hot and cold" "soft and frozen" and many other exciting variations?
Mr_Deputy said:
is this where they get the skills of making a dish or beverage that tastes like another one with a different name? e.g tea flavour coffee etc

ahh teafee/coftea. Always best when served on Bulford ranges with a slight hint of curry flavour after someone hasn't bothered cleaning the norgies between uses.
crabby said:
Was it Pie Company where the ACC were taught oriental cuisine, taking "sweet and sour" and applying their own versions of this: "burnt and raw" "hot and cold" "soft and frozen" and many other exciting variations?

No, I believe that is part of the somewhat more specialised All Arms Collander Course.

Who else remembers the Flan Race?

Or the instructors' motivational catch phrases?

"No grease, no gain"

"Train lard, fight greasy"
Mr_Deputy said:
Snotty eggs were another still I'm sure it took ages to develop the skill to change the state of naturally occuring things like egg -cos when I scramble egg it goes firm whereas they manage it make it even sloppier than the egg itself. Like wizards with spatulas instead of wands.

You've just got to add the right amount of 'liquid'. Ever wondered why they always tasted so salty?


JOB SPEC, must have really thick skin.
and good at 1 liners such as " sorry sir i made it in the dark".
and "there love it". "WHAT!!! cease firing the burners ar redhot"
The best course I ever did and probably the one with most utility for future life was the ACF/CCF Basic cookery course at St Omer Bks Aldershot! Day 1, Victoria Sponge, Day 14 Salmon with cucumber scales! Every evening was military knowledge - drill, shooting et cetera or PT and sports. I almost was tempted, a cracking attempt at reruitment. One of the lads from a London ACF actually joined - I met him across a hotplate in Split where he was cooking us tea!
For all the faults that the RAF supposedly have, there is one unit who are THE BEST at what they do.

RAF Mobile Catering Unit-they are bloody brilliant at what they do.

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