Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by StabOfFire, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Has anybody heard much regarding this supplement? I'd be interested to understand how it works and the realistic results from using it.
  2. I've heard of Aki, the Purple type, that makes you run. Never heard of acai though. Sounds a bit gay to me.
  3. My Dad was an Ack I G once.
  4. H3

    H3 LE

  5. I have heard of it and it is amazingly overhyped.

    It seems very popular with health conscious american mothers though.
  6. is this the stuff that's supposed to help burn off lard?

    i'm doing my sit-ups, press-ups, pull-ups (50+ each a day) and i've cut out all the crap from my diet, but four weeks later - while i'm certainly stronger - the, err... 'less pleasing' aspects of male spread don't seem to be budging...

    any ideas?
  7. Acai berry is a brazilian fruit classed as a superfood for weight loss. Also Flaxseed/Linseed is a good superfood with high amounts of omega 3,6 and 9.
  8. From personal experience, I always use wikipedia to research any new wonder food/ supplement rather than Googling it. Its not guaranteed but it saves trawling through a load of sh!t on Google :wink:
  9. Fish oil

    Flaxseed doesn't count much omega 6, and what is there needs to be converted by the body at quite a low % conversation.
  10. If people have to spam my inbox to tell me about it, then it's not worth hearing about!

    Acai berry - probably as useful as fake viagra and breast enlargements for men.
  11. Wrong numbnuts, acai doesn't "effect" any of us. Presumably, what you meant to say was that muscle twitching affects many of us. Had you said that, we would have just thought that you were a dull cut and paste merchant. But by posting as you have, you have shown yourself to be a total retard. Please find a different website to infest.
  12. Acai isn't a medical condition.

    Which makes me wonder what the symptons of acai are according to you.
  13. I have been taking Pure Acai capsules for a couple of months (not the con ones that try to make you buy into a mailing scam and promise you that you will burn loads of fat) i did my research, they are classed as a superfood with loads of antioxidents, as are blueberries etc. i take them along with Echinacea, as both are said to boost your immune system. As i work in the stan in the shitty dusty enviroment with all sorts going around. They do seem to work, as for burning body fat, not a hope, i run 20 miles aweek on the treadmill and only maintain my weight whilst eating a reasonable diet, so the answer is no it doesnt burn fat.
  14. Have deleted johnpearsons post as it was clearly designed to draw folks to a website on vitamins.....heaven help the advice you'd find on there if his first post was anything to go by!!

    Anyway. Gone now.