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Academics who'd get it!

Not really an academic as such, but highly qualified all the same - Scotland’ Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nicola Steedman.
Yeah, me too.

But would you want to do a @don't tell him pike on the fragrant Mary

That would depend. You see, I don't. Or not once my glasses are off. Blind as the proverbial bat, one less obstacle to worry about. I'm also a bit like Anglo, regarding pheromones, but prefer not to drown them in slevers as he obviously does. Should the cup be more in accordance with her surname, rather than furry still no problem. I suppose that means I would, but in a romantic caring way, unlike Pikey.

Arse Gravy

War Hero


, , , , , but, y'know what . . . .
. . . . you just would, really, you just would have to :thumleft:
. . . y'know, a bit like Nigella, even when she looks like she ate all the pies, and the leftover pizzas.​

At least she got herself back into the water.

Saves Greenpeace a job.
the luscious Linda has been absent from my tele for the last few days


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