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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. While wandering around the MoD website I came across the Foundation Degree page and became instantly gnarled, bitter and twisted. Why couldn't I have had the use of a facility like that back when I was trying my damnedest to drink the Herforder brewery out of business?

    But this is the thin edge of the wedge; next it'll be degrees and postgrad qualifications as a professional requirement for WOs in the technical and more shineybummed trades. Disgraceful. Don't know what the Army's coming to, I really don't.
  2. Not sure of your point?
  3. Irony. Not so nice as coppery and less valuable than goldy.
  4. Sorry. I think it's brilliant. But I do think that in some of the 'trades' those who have the aptitude should be very strongly encouraged to take academic/technical qualifications at degree level and beyond. The benefits would very quickly become obvious. Anyway, if the spams can do it, why can't we?
  5. This is all well and good, just so long as "being a graduate" doesn't take over from "being able to do the fcuking job" as the prime qualification...

    Also, have you seen some of the US universities' syllabi? My two year old daughter's Leap Pad has tougher stuff than some of their courses...even some of their PG courses.
  6. Well if you can do it in the army's time then great! A few lads I used to serve with were paying out of their own pockets for the Open University degree - in various subjects.
  7. The very point. A few pals of mine went this route, although at least two had to do external quals with other universities as the OU didn't have their choice of subjects (like me), and for PG had to wait until they'd left the Army. Mixing with the spams as I do now, I continually meet with people who've taken degrees and advanced technical quals as a matter of course and normal career progression in their forces.

    It also p'ed me off considerably to have to pay for it myself.
  8. OU degree through the military is easily the cheapest way to get a degree, but it is bl00dy hard work. I took 8 years to get my BSc(Hons), I've even been able to use some of it in civvy street! Many high-tech companies look very favourably on ex-squaddies because they know that the training is first class and that they can be left to get on with the job. I've been involved at both ends (as a job-seeker and as an interviewer looking for technicians capable of commissioning systems). The main down-side for an OU degree is the lack of practical work on the courses.
  9. Civvy companies like us because we can be left to get on with the job and be mature and focused. However imagine if unscrupulous rival companies started to infiltrate hard-core Czech porn and unlimited free orange Herforder "briefcases" into our workplaces...disaster Captain Mainwaring, complete disaster..